Well now what do I do.

Well now both of my little mens are in preschool. Today was the day.

My two-year-old had his very first day of "school."

I walked them up to the door where their teacher greeted us and they both took off, without so much as a look back at this old Mommy.

Even the teacher had moved on to the other students who were arriving, so I was just kind of standing there, off to the side, a little perplexed as to what to do now. And I shrugged, laughed along with some of the other parents who noticed it, got into my car and drove away.

So, that's that, huh?

We're there. Two and a half hours A DAY all to ME!

Honestly, the part of this that gives me some time each day to do things by myself is a little exciting. When all of your moments are consumed by at least one little being, while cramming all things into tiny windows of when your children are (hopefully) the best behaved, it's a little daunting to all of a sudden have this window, alone.

But that doesn't seem to help the pit in my stomach that means that time is flying by fast again, so fast that my hair's on fire.

They're growing up.

I still call him the "baby."

Oh who am I kidding, they'll both always be that.

Looks like life is changing again, even if just a tad.

I do still have that big pit in my stomach. But I won't lie. The prospect of driving away and going to Starbucks to stare off into space for 2 1/2 hours doesn't sound half bad.

* * *

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