The Monday Project: Fill In the Blank

The Monday Project

This week's Monday Project over at the Sisterhood was to fill in the blank. Take whatever activity you do and fill in the blank with why you do it.

I have a few activities. So I'll fill in a few blanks.

I run... because I can. I run because I like the feeling of flying, even if it is only at 5 miles an hour. I run because I like the wind in my face. I run because I like to dance and when my IPod's all the way up, it makes me feel like I'm dancing. I run because my legs let me and I don't want to say no to anything they can do. I run because my metabolism hates me and running tells it to shut up. I bike because it makes my quads feel like machinery. I bike because I like speed. I bike because I like to feel in control. I bike because it gives me power. I bike because of the cute jerseys and matching equipment. I bike because I want to be badass like my husband. I bike because I was afraid of it and now I'm not. I swim because I like to glide. I swim because it's easy on my legs and it's like taking a break but not. I swim because all the other triathletes do it, and if I want to be one of them, I have to swim. I swim so as to not drown. I swim because I like to frolic in the water when I'm done.

I tri because one day I didn't believe in myself. And then one day I did.

* * *

So what about you?? Why do you do what you do?? Tell me in the comments below or link up your post over at the Sisterhood! Ps. I realized after I was ready to hit 'publish' that throughout that whole thing I never once said to lose weight. Interesting.

* * *
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  1. This is awesome! I love your reasons for doing things... they are all wonderful. :) I'm sure I've told you before, but You rock!

  2. Love this Christie! Especially telling your metabolism to shut up!

    It is awesome to see you believing in yourself, I remember how unsure you were about doing a tri...and now look at you...ready for the next!

    Good luck on Sunday!

  3. Wow, everyone of those things really spoke to me, especially

    "I tri because one day I didn't believe in myself. And then one day I did."


    Good Luck Sunday!

  4. You already ARE badass like your husband! Great post, Christie! And I, too, love that you never once said *to lose weight*! Neither did I -- wow, I'm surprised! Thanks for pointing that out or I never would have noticed for my own sake!

  5. lol @ 'i swim so as not to drown' :P

    you should believe in yourself. because you ARE badass. :D woot!


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