OK, This is It. Don't Get Scared Now.

At this time tomorrow, I'll be on a treadmill in the middle of my mall, Westfield Countryside, from 10 a.m. until closing. I'm sure you're probably glad it'll be over so I can stop talking about it! :) Me too. I'm nervous.

Here is my itinerary (subject to change):

10 a.m. GO!
11 a.m. Hat hour (I have a sombrero, Uncle Sam hat, some leprechaun ones, a furry pimp hat, etc etc etc.)
11:30    Lunch on a treadmill (Coach Joe from Team In Training says I can eat fries. But that just seems so wrong.)
12p:   Training run, 8 miles!!!!! Yikes. Talk about not a pretty sight. Oh well!!
1:30p, cool down, possible crazy hat, 1st prize drawing.
2pm: Tri-Warrior hour! Which means bright green swimcap, goggles and other tri decor.
3pm: Retro-throwback hour round 1!!
Just before 4: 2nd prize drawing
4pm. Memorial Hour (please email me or comment below with the name of someone you want me to run for, I will put their name on my shirt.)
5p.m. Dinner on a treadmill
6p.m. Retro throwback hour round II.
Will I still be on here at this time? Please say no.
Hats are making a second appearance, if so.

That's pretty much what I got. Suggestions still being taken.
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* * *

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  1. All the best.. SOunds like a terrific project!! Rootin for ya:-0

  2. I can't believe I never put this together before! Christy, can you please add my grandmother's name -- Rayta Mathys. She died in 1984 from cancer of the lungs and lymph nodes. That left the biggest hole in my life...

    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. I love Home Alone. Sweet title.

    I am so, SO PROUD of you and will be rooting for you and thinking about you all day long!


  4. I wish I lived close so I could be there to cheer you on. You are going to do great. No doubt in my mind.

  5. Neither the first nor the last time I wished I lived in your neck of the woods, I'd love to be there to cheer you on. I'll be thinking of you all day tomorrow, though, and will be sending some "tweetspiration" your way!

  6. I am so stinkin' proud of you!!!!! I don't think I can put enough exclamation points after that sentence to do it justice. You are going to do great and rake in the donations, hooker! Love for being you and being willing to do this. You are awesome.

  7. Good luck tomorrow! You are doing such a great thing!

  8. Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's HERE! You are going to do so wonderfully!!


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