Triathlon Training Log

"I don't believe in failure. It's not failure if you enjoyed the process." -Oprah

Goals for 2010:
Goals met in 2009: 7 of 10 pounds lost, 3 pounds to goal weight.
Races completed: 1ok, 1/2 marathon, 3 triathlons.
Races left: 5k (Nov. 8), 10 (Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day).

* * *

-NOTE: Workout Log goes starts with most recent workout and works backward.

Hello!!! This is my official triathlon training log/slash/workout log, so welcome! I will expose everything right here. Scary, huh? I am trying to lose the last 10 pounds, I am part of Team Gold at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, and the current challenge is The Shrinking Days of Summer. It ends in 7 weeks, July 22nd. The triathlon is July 12. Vacation starts for me on July 18th. July is very important. So let's get to it.

Week of June 22:
Wednesday: Swim

Tuesday: Brick: Spin + run 2 miles

Monday: Legs/Swim/Softball (GOD IT'S HOT OUT!)

Week of June 15:
Sunday: run 4 miles

Saturday: Spinning 60 minutes, arms

Friday: off

Thursday: off

Wednesday: Swimming again

Tuesday: Spinning (6:45pm) BRICK workout. (spin followed by run).

Monday: Ended up swimmming just because I felt way more like swimming and wasn't feeling the running. also did leg weights. Felt great, the swimming is really coming along!!! Lots to do this week!!!

Week of June 8:
Sunday: Rode 22 miles with my dad on my new bike! Woot! 4 weeks from today is the triathlon, holy crap!

Saturday: Got bike, took day off. Wah. Ate well though.

Friday: Update: Just played racquetball, didn't run, but that's ok. Was good at Buffalo Wildwings afterward, ate only naked tenders and beer, staying within calorie range.
Uh oh, Mother-in-law not coming today. Must figure out whether to run on my own or just play racquetball with the husband and do the long run on Sunday. Food going really well. Counting calories = awesome.

Thursday: day off

Wednesday: Swim + weights (specifically legs.) OK so about two weeks ago I had a swim lesson for myself to analyze my stroke. And can I just tell you how AWESOME it was??? She gave me pointers that were so wonderful that I feel like I am literally gliding through the water. Amazing! I can't even believe it. I could have swam (swum?) forever.

Tuesday: Spin class followed by "brick" -- which is running immediately afterward. Treadmill did not try to kill me. Ate great. Got "friend" this week. Fingers crossed for weigh-in Wednesday but not looking good.

Monday: It's a new day. Coming off a crappy weekend of eating and drinking too much crap and not exercising. TERRIBLE! why why why. Monday was a 400 meter swim, had a great swim. Did not do weights but will fit that in to other workouts this week.

Week of June 1: (most recent day first)
Saturday and Sunday: Completely blew it. More than blew it. Went out with a friend, had too many chocotinis, didn't do either of my planned workouts. Lame. NO more.
---planned workouts: saturday spin, sunday 4-5 mile run--

Friday: Shoulders and abs and 400 meter swim. Great workout. Tonight's date night and we'll get some racquetball and wings in. Yum. And all in the alloted calories. I'm on day two of and i think i could really get into this counting calories thing.

Thursday: Spinning class and brick workout which means spin class immediately followed by hopping on the treadmill to run for 10 minutes and walk 20. It's all about getting the legs accustomed to going from bike legs to run legs. Can I just say that the treadmill bamboozled me on this one? There was apparently a problem with the speed. And the speed that I had set it at WAS NOT THE SPEED I WAS GOING! I was thinking for a second I might literally fly off! I was running so hard and panting I could hardly breathe, and I'm sure the guy next to me heard me breathing hard. I got off the treadmill, went to the one next to mine, set it at my normal setting and was fine. More than fine. That was all of a sudden a cakewalk! Damn treadmill. I looked over at the devil treadmill and saw a message flashing on it, "Speed Error." Really. Information that could have been useful BEFORE I stepped on the treadmill. Ps. Ass in in real pain.

Wednesday: 3 mile run followed by arms, chest, back & abs

Tuesday: Off. Outdoor concert in which it rained and poured and I had 4 beers to help me through being a drowned rat at the concert, followed by a trip to Waffle House.

Monday: Legs and butt weights followed by swim, 400 meters. Workout planned and completed. Played in softball playoffs (we lost. I did good in the outfield but sucked it up batting.)

Week of March 3:
Mon: Off because of terrible cold including runnyface. My skin hurt.
Tues: Same.
Weds: Gym! Finally! Did 30 minutes of leg workout (must diminish dimples!) and 200 yard swim.
Thurs: Ran 2.86 miles.
Friday: Gym. Swim and hour of craaaaazy racquetball with husband.
Saturday: Maybe run, but later. Was up at 4 a.m. with migraine. By the way, after sweating profusely during heated racquetball games with husband, remember to hydrate with water, not beer.
Sunday: Off.

Week of March 9th: (Plans and executed)
Mon: Fartleked. Yep, I said Fartleked. I ran hard for 3 miles, 5.5 pace on treadmill for 400 meters, 6.0 for 200 meters throughout. Sweated like a hog but felt great.
Tues: Nuttin honey.
Weds: 200 swim + legs (check! Feelin' good feelin' strong...)
Thurs: Arms at home using resistance band: did shoulders, tris and bis. Who needs a gym??!! Also did some core: crunches, pushups and plank.
Fri: 200 swim + hour and a half vigorous racquetball playing with husband
Sat: sick kid today. Up all night all of us. No spin. Possible run Sunday instead.
Sun: Spackled. Does this count as exercise? My sister says it's good for my swim stroke. Kids still sick.

Week of March 23: will be a tough week. Got 2 sick kids and a million bazillion things to do this week. must try to fit in workouts but it'll be day by day.
Mon: Tba
Hopefully the treadmill won't kill me like last it tried to last time.
Plans to run and do weights.

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