Triathlon Checklist (As I See It)

As I see it, you need lots of stuff on race day. I'm a beginner, my first foray into triathlon was last summer (2009) when I did three sprints. This year I'm doing three sprints and one olympic distance. I have added a wetsuit to my repertoire. I am still a beginner in that I haven't yet gone through too many trials and tribulations (jinxing self here) i.e. flat tires, stung by jellyfish, etc etc. But I am sure my day is near.

Triathlon checklist:
Day of Tri Breakfast:
-1 whole wheat bagel with natural peanut butter and strawberry preserves
-1 apple
-1 coffee 
-EAS Myoplex Lite Bar at transition before race

-two water bottles filled for bike
-another for drinking before the race
-chocolate fudge power bar gels (2)
-protein bar
-IPod for transition area
-watch, reset to zero
-swim cap
-race number and belt
-dish bucket of water for sand on feet
-extra tube and carbon cartridge and tool
-reset bike computer
-check and recheck bike and tires
-check gears/have bike shop check bike
-bike shoes/socks
-bike pump

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