Captain's Log: Summer of Me Workouts

MONDAY: 30 minutes arms
TUESDAY: Skipped run. Sick kid.
WEDNESDAY: Got a late start. Did legs, got to the gym at 9:15 p.m. Good times.
THURSDAY: Skipped run. Got a speeding ticket and two sick kids.
FRIDAY: Skipped workout. Sick mommy now. Great. Just one week shy of the end and I am on my a&&.
SATURDAY: Playing catchup in my life. No time for workout. Stinky pooperson.
SUNDAY: 2.5 mile run in the Florida heat. A little nauseated afterward. Remembering now why I drive to the treadmill to run in the AC. Back on track for week 5. It's ON!
MONDAY: Legs legs and more legs. Lots of legs. Worked up a good sweat.
TUESDAY: 2.5 mile run. For the first time, I thought I might be falling in love with running. Could I be?? Hmmm.
WEDNESDAY: 15 minutes of bike (Levels 1-10), 15 minutes of elliptical for total 30 minutes of cardio. Plus 30 minutes weights: arms.
FRIDAY: 2.5 mile run
SUNDAY: skipped long run. Bad! Bad! Bad!!!

MONDAY: Worked out 45 minutes, arms chest and back. Tomorrow is my run, 2.5 mile, which is fine. I wish, though, that there were a better time for me to run other than crazy crack of dawn early or after the kids go to bed. I'm either tired or tired. Oh well. I'll figure something out. Anyway, it was a good workout today. Ate well today. Need to eat more protein, but I didn't eat crap which is good. Looking forward to a good run tomorrow.
TUESDAY:First run of 10K trainiNg. Ran 2.5 miles. Time is getting a little better. I think I'm in the 11 minute range these days which is good for me! I aspire to the 10 minute mile. Great run though. Very happy. Crosstrain/weights tomorrow. Good times.
WEDNESDAY: Did 20 minutes on the bike. Then 30 minutes leg weights and 10 minutes abs.
THURSDAY: Ran 2 1/2 miles on treadmill.
FRIDAY: Day off.
SATURDAY: arms/chest/back
SUNDAY: nice strong treadmill 3mile run. 36:33.

Week One

This week is another weird one for my workouts. Like last week, I'm going away on Friday, which leaves me Monday-Thursday to get in all my workouts. And Sunday. Monday I had a one-mile run that was supposed to be a 2-3 mile run but something happened and I had to wrap it up early. Maybe I will get to this in another post. Depends on how open I really want to be.

Last night, I had a great run, a nice big fat 2.5 mile run and I felt like a million bucks afterward. So I need one more run this week, which I guess could be the
Virtual 5K I'm running on Sunday. Good. So maybe I'm done with running until Sunday. OK that works. Today, I'll do legs and arms. I usually only do one or the other but because of the compressed week, I'll do both. Thursday: Wii Fit workout.

Update on Sunday: Virtual 5k Completed. It was actually 2.98 miles instead of 3.1 (apparently I didn't map it out correctly) and I ran it in 34:55. It was hot, thank God I ran with a water bottle -- I did little drinking and lots of pouring it all over myself. Florida heat is brutal! But it was a great run overall.

Total: .5 pounds lost this week.

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