I Won't Lie

These early days have been a struggle. I took a ride on the "crazy" train for a couple of weeks and now I am taking crazy pills. I was apprehensive at first, but they have been an incredible help. Everything had piled on at once; nursing was going terribly, of course there was no sleep, and I had no control whatsoever of my tears. I was angry, I felt claustrophobic and I would keep getting this panicky feeling that would make me feel like fleeing. I cried a lot. Maybe a lot is an understatement. And then there were the holidays. In the words of Shaggy, "Zoinks!"

Alas, a couple of weeks ago, Mini-Poops started sleeping, only waking up for one feeding a night (sometimes even none!). That's when things started getting much better. Now, the fog has lifted, I can see clearly again, and I actually have some energy to do things that I love, like writing, blogging, and plain old running around with Poops, who has begun his love affair with soccer. I even like socializing again!

It's amazing what a lack of sleep coupled with raging hormones will do to a woman. I am just glad that it is under control now and I can finally enjoy my little baby and my family. I am glad to be back blogging, I am making my rounds now to find out what I missed these past couple of months. I've missed everyone so much! The good thing about these past couple of months is there is no shortage of material to write about!


  1. Yay You!!!! I missed you!!!

  2. Ugh I have so been there - after my 2nd was born - but not after my 3rd. It's a tough place to be but so great to come out of and see that life really IS good.

  3. So glad you are back! I too had myself some crazy pills after the birth of DD #2. They work wonders. I came off of them when she neared 1 year old, and haven't looked back.


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