Idol and Poop

So what was with Elvira's crazy hair? The biker chick with the black hair all bouffonted out, it was terrible. She almost went home based on her hair alone. Everyone I thought was going home went home last night, except for Luke, the showtune guy. I almost favored the guy with the wig (Robbie) over him. (Rumor is the long-haired guy is really a former boy band member with a wig trying to be the rocker this year). Almost down to the top 12, Sparky! We'll find out who they are next week, then you can start watching!

I don't think I have cleaned up as much poop in one day as I did yesterday. I couldn't get the stink out of my nose the whole day. Why do I find it necessary to blog about poop? Because these are the days when you remember this is your job and you don't get paid in money you get paid in love. And not even now because he doesn't know love yet. And not in 10 years because he'll hate me then because I'm a girl and ewww don't kiss me here, mom!!!! A long, deferred payment of love. One day, probably acknowledged only one time, and it'll be after a boo-boo or a present or a yummy cookie. (Which is ok really because I probably love them enough for all of us). Anyway, poop. All up his back, into the hood of his outfit, even into the sleeves. The incredible exploding baby. So I put his outfit with the debris of the other three explosions and stuck him in the bathtub, put him to bed, then proceeded to de-funk four outfits, two blankets, and a towel, praying that Spray N' Wash was going to work. It did. Mission accomplished. But all this was during naptime, my one time of the day to be brain dead so by the time Idol was on, I was a total grump. So grumpy I forgot to take my crazy pills, imagine that! Anyway, there is something to be said for just a one hour block during the day to be brain dead, where one can just slump their body in a heap on the couch and stare into space, tv on or off, it doesn't matter, just stare into space and drool on yourself. I look forward to this.

I am really not this negative. In fact, I woke up a new, clean, unpoopstink-in-the-nose, non-grumpy woman and I've even had coffee and am showered! Today we're off to the zoo! I got my camera from my sister (finally!) and here are some pictures of the plumpy baby. Happy Friday!
Christening Day

Poops in his outfit for mini-Poops Christening (he's getting so big!)

Poppy enjoying his new role as Grandpa to two

My favorite picture ever of smiley giant baby


  1. What a cute baby! I could just pinch those cheeks....

    I am hoping that Elvira goes home. She sings every song the same way..raspy rocker girl.

  2. The baby is GORGEOUS!!!! And that can't be Poops! That's some big boy. What happened to little Poops? They grow too fast.
    I hear ya on the poop. Mine's 3.5 and I still deal with poop. And one messy Pull Up that made it's way into the washer last night with a full load of laundry. I hope I can get that gel off the clothes :(

  3. Aww the boys are too cute!

    I'm in 100% agreement on all your idol comments. We don't get it until a day later - which is an improvement from the past years when we've had to wait until Friday to see it ALL.


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