In My Idol Opinion

Of course I'm glad Idol's back, I'm glad you asked! I already outed myself as obsessed with this show so that's nothing new and I'm not embarrassed so go ahead and judge me. That being said, I have been on the fence about whether I'm excited about any of the contestants this year, but last night, one horse pulled ahead of the others (on the guys side). I am, without a doubt, a huge David Archuleta fan. If you haven't seen his performance and you're just dying to because you missed it, here it is. He sings John Lennon's Imagine, which, I agree with Simon, was risky, but DAWG HE PULLED IT OFF (that was my Randy impression.)

On other notes, I still wish Paula had a mind of her own instead of parroting everything Randy says, except changing the words into annoying metaphors, like "every note pierced the very heart" or some crap like that. However, I find her a lot less irritating than seasons past and I find myself not having to fast forward through her ridiculous comments (although I still cringe when she stands up and claps or dances during a performance--or cries.)

So my husband and I were sitting there watching the dudes perform and of course, adding our two cents as the brilliant couch-judges we are, and trying to figure out who this looks like: (by the way he sang the song from Tommy Boy).
And it dawned on my husband that he looked like Jessica Alba. This morning, this is what he finds:

Apparently Perez Hilton thought so too. He's a ringer! Anyway, Jason Yaeger sounded like he was trying out for a spot in Wham! as that other not-George-Michael guy, and Luke Mennard sounded like he was auditioning for Cats. Robbie reminds me too much of Bo, and there's something I don't like about Michael Johns, the Australian. I guess that means I only like about three of the guys, gymnast David Hernandez, David Archuleta (of course) and the other rocker dude who likes words. Jason Castro's good, but he does remind me of Natalie Imbrulia for some reason. Why the dudes gotta look like ladies?


  1. I find that I can't watch American Idol. It's just so horribly cheesy. The British show is way better :) (though this year one of the judges was similar to what Paula Abdul sounds like, she jumped up, she clapped, she cried, it was annoying)

  2. I loved your post!

    Last night while watching I thought that he looked like Jessica Alba too! I cracked up when I read Perez this morn and he said the same thing.

    We have the same song playing on our blogs! I added New Soul yesterday after seeing the Apple commercial during Idol. Love that song.

  3. I guess it is becoming about time to start watching AI again. Have we hit the final 12?

  4. Great to see you're back... and taking on the world again!
    Congrats on your new place!!!

  5. Oh good, I have a fellow Idol bloggie junkie!

    Go David A!


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