I know I haven't put any pictures of Mini-Poops on the blog in a while so without further ado:

My sister took off with my camera after the baby's Christening because all of our cameras look the same, so here's what the baby looks like now in a sketch. He's no longer scrunchy and tiny, but big and bulbous with lots of folds and really, really smiley. To my sister's credit, she sent the camera yesterday so I only missed a couple of weeks of my precious baby's growth and development (and at this age, weeks are like years, but who's counting?) Kidding! And I know what you're thinking, and yes, it is tough being this artistically gifted.


  1. HI!!!!!
    So GLAD to hear from you FINALLY!!! My blog life was just not the same without you...
    I feared the worse..but no, you were just sitting back, riding the crazy train.
    Welcome back..glad you ALL are doing well. NO worries, I don't have many friends that AREN'T on meds! :)
    Love the new look!

  2. Too Funny! I like your drawings, but you tell that sister of yours to get that camera back to you so we can get some real pictures of those cute boys :)


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