First things first, Mini-Poops went to the cardiologist today and is a-okay. He has a small murmur but nothing else, no extra holes, no nothing, he is just fine. Apparently I was much more worried than I thought because after the doctor (who was all disheveled and had a big hole in his shirt) said he was fine, I got to the parking lot and burst into tears. I wasn't sure what I was going to hear today I guess, and I am just so darned happy that I heard what I heard. That being said, Happy Easter!
The Easter Bunny stopped by our house this weekend and we had a huge dinner. We had the Paula Dean ham which was yummy. We had 14 people over and we thought we wouldn't have enough ham so we bought two. We will be eating ham for the next two weeks. Even with the leftovers we gave away.
Yes, I am a cruel mother. I dressed up Mini in a bunny outfit like in A Christmas Story, but only because I know that this is the last year I should ever do such a thing.
After dinner we had a little Easter egg hunt outside our house with Poops and a little friend of his, it was stinkin cute.
And here are my boys all dressed up for Easter. I had a bugger of a time getting Poops to stay still. He was completely hopped up on chocolate. He slept good that night. Sometime between Easter and last night, he caught a cold and is all sneezy and fevery. He is now sleeping soundly with Vicks slathered all over his chest and face. More tomorrow!


  1. seriously..could your boys be cuter? I have two hot girls that would be happy to wait around for them..
    ha ha
    looks like you had a lovely, sunny, gorgeous, warm...(argh!) easter..
    good for you Florida girl, good for you!

  2. So glad everything is ok with Mini!
    And glad you had a wonderful Easter. You have a beautiful family :)

  3. Sounds like a great Easter - the boys are too cute!!!

  4. we had a fantastic time at your house in Easter, thanks for having us! the boys were adorable and my little Superman had a fun time with Poops.

  5. Wow, they are adorable in their Easter outfits.


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