I made coffee this morning. At least, I thought I made coffee, but when I poured myself a cup of this elixer of life, it was clear. Apparently I forgot to actually put the coffee in. It never even occurred to me that the coffee would need coffee. Mini-poops slept through the night to a lovely 7 am two nights ago, but last night, he woke up at 4 and 6 and 7. Which still feels to me like 3, 5, and 6. I want my hour back!

I think it's almost time to move him out of the bassinet next to my side of the bed and into his room. He no longer wants to be swaddled. And he's about to collapse the bassinet with his gigantic movements. But I am not ready yet! I don't remember having this separation with Poops. Maybe I am just so surprised at how fast Mini is growing. He's almost 3 1/2 months already! That teensy floppy infant phase has already passed! How wrong is that?? We're gonna be on solids any second! My insides hurt.

I got a much-needed break over the weekend. Yes, I left the boys with my husband and drove with my mom to Atlanta to see my best friend for her "Baby Sprinkle" (instead of shower--isn't that clever? It's her third boy.) Yes I left the boys. It was actually tough to do, as I was driving away and headed to my mom's to pick her up, I was rethinking my position on leaving the whole time. Three pumping stops, and a huge storm later (there were 12 tornadoes spotted in that storm that we drove through) we got to Atlanta and it felt good. The problem wasn't too much that I missed them (although that was a big part of it), it was that mini-Poops was rejecting the bottle from my husband. I was expecting a complete disaster.

At first it was. He wouldn't eat for about 6 hours. When we were having latching problems, mini-Poops would take a few bottles I pumped because I needed a break in between to heal up the hoots. He would tear them up (the bottles and my boobs). When he got to be an old pro at nursing, he outright refused bottles. It became a love-hate thing for me because I absolutely loved feeling needed this way. I was the only one who could feed him. I was the only one who could give him what he needed. But that was just it. I was the only one who could feed him. When he needed to get fed every two hours (which means every other hour, really, because it takes about an hour for a feeding), and I needed to do something away from the home (like buy huge ridiculous post-partum, not yet skinny pants), he would not take a bottle and would scream and scream and scream until I rushed home to feed him. And if my husband offered to take a feeding overnight for me, we were all out of luck and awake because mini-Poops just wouldn't have it.

So I started buying every single bottle on the market and trying it. Maybe the nippies were too long, too soft, too hard, too flowy, too slow, maybe the milk was too cold or too warm, I tried everything. He finally settled on a bottle (the First Years Breastflow which looks and acts like a big boob), but he was still kind of pissed about it when he got it. He'd do it eventually from me but it would take about an hour and it was pretty ugly. So I started giving him a bottle once a day. It never quite got perfect, but it was ok. He would take it from me, just not my husband.

But this weekend we had a breakthrough! We did a little "tough love." He refused it most of Friday afternoon, but he chomped like a pro for the rest of the weekend. And I have 19 bottles pumped and lined up for my 19 outings, whenever they may be. Or one giant outing. I feel like they're money and I have to spend them wisely (rubbing my hands together and laughing mischievously --FWAAAHHAHAHHAH!)

I will post some pictures later. Hope everyone had a good weekend! I am going to try and muster up some energy to actually leave the house at some point.


  1. you my friend are the perfect Momnesia candidate

  2. Glad he's taking a bottle. Jordan never cared what was providing food as long as you was getting fed. LOL

  3. I nodded my head while reading all of this post. I remember this well!

    I'm glad you have at least 19 bottles of liquid gold to get some outings. Just don't do what I did a couple of times. Don't spill them! I still get tears thinking about it. LOL

  4. lol...19 bottles..good lord. You ARE a cow! :)
    I could never pump that much.
    Bring on the bottle of wine..you have enough saved to tide you over!
    oh the neediness..I have forgotten.
    Alright, I was jealous for a minute and now I'm over it.
    ha ha


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