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So much for my attempts to branch my blog out and write about something other than my kids. I'm pathetic. But seriously! It's been a big week in our house! I guess since I haven't been working and when I am working, working is my life, that this is my life, so therefore this is what I write about. I thought for just one second that I had outside interests. Apparently I was wrong. I am not nearly as interesting a person as I thought. So back to the kids.

POOPS WENT PEE PEE IN THE POTTY!!!!! TWICE!!!! And on St. Patty's Day! A few months ago I bought the little musical potty and started letting him sit on it, pants on, pants off, whatever he wants, just introducing it to him really. At first he loved it, but it lost its appeal after a couple weeks and just sat in the bathroom idle. Yesterday, I saw him crouching down behind a chair (his pooping place) and asked him if he wanted to use the potty. He said "Yah!" and ran to the bathroom. I pulled off his pants and diaper, sat him on the potty and was promptly escorted out of the bathroom. Seriously. The guy wanted his privacy. He wouldn't sit on the potty with me in the room, so I left, he slammed the door, sat on the potty and sprinkled. YAYYYYY!!!! So we did an enthusiastic "Pee Pee on the Potty!" congo-line dance throughout the house, he got a cookie and we called everyone to tell them about it.

Mini-Poops has been sleeping in his big-boy crib since Friday. He has slept all night from 8pm until 7 am every night except one when he woke up at 5:30. That is still ok with me. As long as the 2 am is gone, I am happy. There is nothing on tv at 2 am except infomercials like the PedEgg which shows people scraping crap off their feet and you know how excited I get about commercials with feet in them. Especially long commercials with feet in them. I guess he can sleep in peace without me trapsing in and out of the room and rolling over and making noise right next to him. We're getting some great sleep ourselves these days.

On the Debbie Downer note, Mini went to the pediatrician today for his well checkup and the doctor heard a murmur. When the color left my face, he said over and over that it is probably nothing it is probably nothing it is probably nothing. But on the off chance that it isn't nothing, there could be a hole in one of the chambers. But it is probably nothing it is probably nothing it is probably nothing, said the doctor. He just wants it looked at just in case as a precaution, so we are visiting a cardiologist next week. It has to be nothing. This is probably one of the sweetest, smiliest creatures on the earth and the only thing that's allowed to hurt him is too much laughter and kisses and love. So I'll just go on thinking that. Plus the other day I said to my husband that this is literally the best I've felt since before Poops was born (almost 2 years ago) -- I'm back to my social butterfly self and in a wonderful mood all the time and motivated and energetic -- so I do not want to think that I just jinxed myself by saying that and the other shoe is dropping.

But since I have to always find the funny in everything, Mini-Poops is in the 90th percentile for his weight, and the 20th percentile for his head size, which means he is a porker with a tiny head. Haha!

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day from an Irish-chick-by-marriage! Hey, everyone's Irish on St. Patty's! We toasted with a little green beer ourselves. (Note to selves, 5 drops of green food coloring is too much--one or two will do).


  1. I'm sure everything is fine with Mini Poops but I'll say an extra prayer to be on the safe side.

  2. The PedEgg!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahah I saw that in the store yesterday and about died. Zach said I should call Evan and tell him to put it in your Easter basket! ahhahaha

    Love, Your sister

  3. Congratulations on the potty success.. we're waiting until after the new baby arrives to start going with that. And I'm sure Minipoops will be fine, like the doctor said, just a precaution!


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