I can't believe it. I'm looking at the video monitor (how on earth did I ever live without this thing??) and he's sleeping. In his big boy bed! I can't believe it! Has more than three months already passed? Last night, I put him in the bassinet in our pitch black room and his feet almost reached the bottom. And every time I'd move, he'd move, wake up and fall back asleep. So I fixed up the last minute touches on his room because those are all the signs it's time for the big move to the big crib and figured I'd try it out first for his morning nap. I don't know how to feel! I want to be happy I'm getting my room back, but I'm not!

Sigh. I have seriously mixed feelings. I guess I just can't believe how fast time flies. I mean, look at that kid down there in the chef hat. That's Poops. (Helping me make spaghetti for dinner). I got him his own little cooking gear (he runs to the mirror to admire his cool new duds, the ham).


  1. It does go too fast! I hated to move our little guy out of the bassinette, but he was just too big. Then I hated to take down the crib. It was like with each milestone, it meant that there were no more babies (sniff!). Now my guys are both big guys and I want so much to keep them little but I know I have to let them go.
    That's all part of being the Mommy.
    Poops looks too cute in that outfit:)

  2. Awwwwwwww I love the crib though. I kept Jordan with us the longest - mostly because dh was traveling so why not?

  3. Jeez, they grow up so fast! Don't they?

    Adorable pics


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