And the Winner is........

(Drawn out of a construction hat for Poops' birthday tomorrow--yes, very official) SONNY! Congratulations and snaps to you!

This week has been really great. Hearing everyone's progress throughout the week really makes me want to keep going. So THANK YOU for that!! I actually think I may be able to shed this babyfat once and for all knowing that there are other people doing the same thing with me. (tear!)

So between all of us, our total loss for the week is 7 pounds. That's a small child! You know those disgusting plastic, cellulitey things that doctors hold up and say, this equals one pound, and we all gag? Well we lost 7 of those! That's awesome!

I encourage everyone participating to visit the other bloggers who are doing this so we can keep up the support and motivation! Remember, there's a prize every Friday when we weigh in--you just have to sign the linky. (And it's never too late to join us!)

Great work everyone! You guys rock!


  1. Congrats to Sonny!! Here's to another fat loss week ahead!! Now I just have to motivate myself to go and work out. I'm so not in the mood.

  2. Thanks! I feel so great! I won the prize!!! Yeah!!!!
    This gives me motivation for next week! ;-)

    By the way, I created a Header for Summer Slim Down. It can be customized for each of you. Colour and text (in case you don't call it "fat loss friday"). So if you want it, just drop me a line.

    &hearts Sonny


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