Anyone up for a Biggest Loser-Blog Edition?

That's it, I'm fed up. Babyweight begone, officially! The fat counter is going back up on the blog and I'm shedding my winter coat permanently. I got this wave of motivation after a few things, one of the biggest, a picture that one of my best friends took where I sat and thought, hey who's the fat chick with the baby, then realized it was me. Wah wahhhh. (Debbie downer). Just when you think you don't look all that bad, wham! There's a photo to prove you wrong.

So, I'm doing what I call "The 5K Diet". I did this one when I lived in Utah. Of course I didn't have as much weight to lose then as I do now. Anyway, I signed up for a 5K that was a couple months out, paid for it and all, and trained for it. That gave me accountability. The only one who lost was me if I didn't adhere to my running/workout schedule. If I wanted to be the fat chick in the running gear and get lazy, it would be no one's fault but mine. But I did it, and I was proud of myself and I fit into pants I hadn't fit into in years, and ultimately, my wedding dress.

So I'm doing that again. (Note inspirational music playing). Now, runners everywhere are thinking, so what? A 5K is nothing. And that's ok. But you still have to get in some sort of shape to run it. So I'm just throwing this out there. If anyone out there needs to lose even just an inch before summer, let's drop a couple of pounds together! I sure can use the support and so can a lot of people who are looking outside thinking, how am I going to wear shorts soon? My particular goal is a 5k but yours doesn't have to be. It can be anything, just a goal. Maybe it's a certain bathing suit you bought last summer or a wedding dress you want to fit into or a class reunion you don't want to be chubby for, or like me, some babyweight and a 5K combo-platter. Anything you want. We will deadline the end of the first week in June, Saturday the 7th. (That's my 5K Day). We can share recipes, tips, healthy snacks, exercises, or just plain old complain about how sucky it is to get your ass to the gym on a particular day.

So if you want in, let me know and I'll make a big to-do, prizes, sidebar button and everything. (Of course it will all be on the honor system.) The reason I like to do weightloss this way, is that I put the emphasis on getting fit. Fitting my clothes better. Having more energy. Pushing myself athletically. Eating better. Being a better example for my kids and my husband. When I do it this way, the weight coming off is just an added benefit.

You don't have to share your weight with everyone, and you don't have to put up awful pictures of yourself in spandex, but you can set a goal for something you want to accomplish by June and keep a log of it on your blog and we'll do a weekly weigh-in (again, you don't have to share the weight, you can share pounds lost). We'll do prizes for different things, most weightloss, most creative low-cal recipe, most creative "before" picture, whatever. I can do it by myself, but wouldn't it be funner with a village? Where we can inspire each other?

I am giving myself 2 months to lose 15 pounds. I really need to lose 30, but I will make my immediate goal 15. (My longterm goal is to follow up with the 10K diet and run the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day, but that's neither here nor there.) I want this year to be THE SUMMER OF CHRISTIE! And it won't stop here! I want to lose more in time for our beach vacation at the end of July. And further out, I want to look hot at the Christmas party for once! And start the next new year off as the old me, more "me" with less of me -- all at once.

Anyway, somehow, somewhere, I recently lost 5 pounds (maybe it's all the running around with two kids and the lifting). Whatever it was, it miraculously put me into a new decade of numbers I haven't been in since before Poops was born, so I got excited and thought -- man I gotta get moving!

Anyone wanna join me? (Please?) If not, I'm doing it anyway! FWAAHAHHHAHHHAAA! I just paid for the race this morning, so I am in no matter what (there is a no-refund policy). I'll give myself the prize of not being the fattest one to run a 5k. And when I grow a pair, I will post said God-awful picture of myself. Or maybe I will post it when I get to the "after." We'll see. Anyway, I'm putting up the fat ticker. Hope to see you!


  1. I'm not a runner. I ran 3 miles once and thought I was going to die. BUT I will join you on your weight loss quest. I need to lose 13 pounds by June. Yes, ma'am by June. I've been trying since January and lost 2 pounds, gained 2pounds, lost 2 pounds, gained 2 pounds.... Well I think you get the picture. I get super motivated and then have a bad week and blow it.

    So I will add a ticker to the top of my blog and join you in losing weight/getting healthy.

    I did really well today until I ate half a butter cream Easter egg. Darn those Easter baskets!!

  2. I need to lose weight!! Since my youngest will be 5 in August it's kind of hard for me to tell people I just had a baby!!

    I would love to be a runner! I just don't really like to run. I would love to lose 30 pounds but lets be real....I would be thrilled if I could lose 15 by your race date!!

    I guess I need to do the ticker......that way I will see it everyday and be held accountable!!


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