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Congratulations to Brooke at Oh My Seven for being picked by Mr. Random Number Generator in the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival. She's gonna take home a Tea Mug that brews loose tea on the go (pretty much the coolest invention I've ever seen). Along with some tea from Teavana (my new favorite -- Snow Geisha). A few people asked me where I got that mug, and believe it or not, it was hiding on a shelf at Target, where they have to-go coffee mugs near the dishes and coffee pots and all of that. I couldn't believe my eyes! It's called "Tea-Zer" and I've also seen it online if you're looking.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by, I loved meeting so many new bloggers who are out there! (I'm totally gonna do this next time -- how much fun was this??!!) Who knew there were so many tea-addicts out there! Feel free to stop by and say hello (I love me comments -- so come on out, lurkers!) and let's talk tea -- who knows, there may be another tea giveaway in the near future. (I've got my other two favorite teas in mind). Happy Carnivaling!


  1. Congrats to the winner!
    Thanks for hosting this fun giveaway! i will have to look for my own TEA-ZER...

  2. That's just extremely cool.


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