Boy that was effing early. I only pressed snooze once, at 5:40 am, and woke up the second time at 5:50. Grudgingly. Dragged myself to the sink. Put my hair back. Brushed my teeth. Got dressed. Pumped a little so I wouldn't be in pain on the treadmill. Got into the car. Backed into the garbage can. Good start.

I pulled into the parking lot at 6:13 and the parking lot was full. Which can only mean that all of those people had gotten their asses out of bed before me. Impressive.

Besides, possibly tooting on the treadmill (unfortunately for me the girl next to me didn't have headphones on and I did, so I don't actually know if I made noise or not -- however, the song that was on was "It's too late to apologize" and I said to myself, yes it is, and continued with my workout without embarrassment), the workout was great, I was showered and dressed, with makeup and dried hair before the first sound was uttered by either one of my children. It was still dark out when I got home, just before 7. I don't remember a time when I voluntarily got up this early. However, it's only twice a week, and I think it may work. It's not so bad once I'm in that bright gym with all of those annoyingly perky-for-this-unGodly-hour faces. Actually getting out of bed is another story.

So now that I'm dressed and all ready to go, I can focus on Poops' birthday party, which I am incredibly behind for! We're doing a "transportation" theme, with little racing helmets for all the kids, and we're going to have "races" on little unmotorized vehicles at the park. However, there is a 30% chance of rain and I'm going to have to ask that everyone please pray that we don't have to have this party indoors again this year! Last year, it rained early but stopped in time for the party. However, it was the WINDIEST DAY of the year, literally hurricane-force winds. Fingers crossed that I don't have to build a racetrack inside my tiny house.

Gonna go make my to-do list now. Hope your workouts are wonderful! What did you do today??

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