A Day at the Races

I can't believe Poops' birthday just came and went just like that. He had the best time. I know this because he slept well. Very well. After running around all day yelling "Bod-dee! Bod-dee! Bod-dee! Cake! Cake! Cake!" Aidan, how old are you? "Ay-Ay Two!" It's pretty cool that he actually knew it was his birthday this time.

We had his party at the park and did all things transportation because he lives, breathes, and eats, car, truck (guck!), choo-choo, pretty much anything with wheels. Everyone brought their "cars" to race on the improvised sidewalk racetrack.

None of the kids were particularly interested in riding their own cars either, but no one really fought over them. It was like a giant kid car smorgasboard buffet.
And then of course there was cake. That was construction. Equally as riveting to this tiny being as the race cars.

Make sure you get every last bite there, kid.

And then there's Mini, just chillin, of course. Good times.


  1. Happy B-day poops!
    He is looking like such a big boy!
    Geez..I can't even remember this age these days.
    Seriously..enjoy it.
    In a few years you will be trying to remember and won't be able too...

  2. Is that dad on the bike??? hahaha


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