Fat Ticker Friday! Whoot! Whoot!

Update: It is confirmed. I have lost one pound. One measley pound. (See rant above). I'll just have to work that much harder next week. I will have to look at my workout that I write down and see where I should make changes. Congrats on everyone who saw a loss this week, and to those who haven't, well, we're in this together! There's always next week.

OK ya'll Friday is W-Day! Time to weigh in for Fat Ticker Friday. I'm gonna weigh in around 1pm and report back after that. But man, I'm beat this week. I hope something worked because I had no soda, no chips, no nothing bad all week and busted my hump at the gym. I also realized that if I am going to run a 5K I better get my ass off the treadmill and out into the real world because I huffed and puffed all around my mom's neighborhood when I jogged up there today. At least I looked all official looking at my official Ironman watch, obviously timing myself in a very official yes I am a real runner manner, before hunching over and grabbing my side. See ya on the flip side! Sign the linky to win this cool organizer and leave a comment with your progress this week!


  1. A loss is a loss so I'll take it - I'm down to 174 from my previous weight of 177 last week.

    And I'm setting the same goal for myself this week as I didn't meet it last go round - I am aiming to work out 3 times this week. I can do this!

  2. I didn't lose this week :( P*MS got me (that and I have no control).

  3. I didn't lose this week either. And yes, it's PMS with me also... :-(

  4. I don't know if I lost any this week (that whole don't own a scale thing), but I walked or "yogaized" every day. :)

    I will do my post on this tomorrow, since I am on my way out the door to go to work at Lowes.


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