Fun With Peeps

This is a little segment I'd like to call "Fun With Peeps". I have always had a fascination with Peeps. I love them. The taste of them. The smell of them. The texture. (Goldmember reference).

Last week, I was home alone with Mini and had a great idea.

What if...(rubbing hands together mischievously)
I gave the Peeps I have leftover from Easter some headbands and made "workout Peeps!" So I grabbed some yarn -- you need a fabric that is thin enough to wrap around their little heads of course -- tied it up in back and started snapping away. It was an official Peep photo shoot.
Until husband walked in.

And I became a bit embarrassed. I am, of course, an adult.

I realized what I was doing and how it must've looked (sheesh -- I forgot, I hadn't thought ahead about what he might think) and began bashfully gathering up my Peeps (which were carefully placed on skewers to be held into place while shooting) like I had been caught doing something wrong. Husband stopped in his tracks.

He was suspicious.

Please don't ask me what I was doing.

"Um. What are you doing?" he asked.

"Taking pictures of Peeps," I said matter of factly. Because why wouldn't I be taking pictures of Peeps, I thought, as I hear his voice from the other room, "Of course. Why wouldn't my wife be taking pictures of Peeps?"

But you know, I just couldn't get the perfect shot, (it was frustrating!) so after dinner, he held the backdrop for me. And there we were. Two adults taking pictures of Peeps. My mother would be proud. This is why I married him.

First photo: Aerobics class (yes -- the lighting could be better on this -- I agree)

and Winner's Cup Peeps

And that's of course, as far as I got before Poops began yelling for "Bubbles!" which is what he calls marshmallows, or Peeps ("Boo Bubble!" or blue bubble). And he snatched two of them. They didn't have a chance. Devoured in one-point-two seconds. Sorry, poor Peeps.

Then I had a realization. Eureka!

I wasn't finished! In fact, I may never be finished! The possibilities are endless! Coach Peeps! Gymnastics Peeps! Track and Field Peeps! Kayaking Peeps! Hawaiian-shirt wearing Peeps! Yes, there is a bathroom sink that needs cleaning and my floors are going to pot, but by God, I am going to take pictures of Peeps! No judging.

And remember when I said 'my mom would be proud'?

She helped me brainstorm for my pending "weight-lifting Peeps" photo shoot. And we've come up with something that I think is going to knock your socks off.

I realize you're probably thinking, real mature, there, Christie. But I'm going to have to look the other way on that one. This is just too much fun.


  1. Oh my gosh, *that* is hilarious. And too adorable! So glad your husband will play along. We all need more silliness, and I hope there's another photo shoot very soon.

  2. This post is exactly the reason why I HEART you. Seriously.

  3. I'm new to your blog so not sure if peep photo shoots is a regular thing. But girl, you had me in stitches! Keep the peeps comin'! Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve for the weight liftin' peeps.

  4. Bunnies!! That's adorable!! :)

  5. That is too cute - I love the trophy!!!

  6. OK, I'm hooked--those peep shots are awesome! And you have the best DH! Of COURSE that's why you married him! ;)

    Thanks for making my day! :)


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