In my Idol opinion

Jason Castro rocked the hizzouse tonight! Yes, I said hizzouse. I love that version of Over the Rainbow, I used to sing it all the time in the car when I was pregnant with Poops. And Jason's version was spectacular.

Christy Lee pulled it off nice tonight! She really is hanging in there and I think she's gonna make it through another week! My little felicity name-sister!

Too bad our friend David Cook didn't do all that well, I honestly felt like I was at a performance of Lion King on Broadway. And I was so looking forward to Dream On by the Australian because I thought that would be the perfect song for him, but I was disappointed. Carly's on the so-so list, and as much as I like her, I really just don't understand her outfits. Brooke sang You've Got a Friend, and I love that song because it reminds me of the 70's growing up and it's always kind of been our family song. But it was just kind of ok for me as Randy would say. What I don't understand is why the lighting guys always match the lights to her outfits. I don't know if they do that with the other singers and it's just more noticeable with her or what. Like a couple weeks back when she wore yellow, sang about sunshine and had big bright yellow lights all around her. It was like Bee Movie the Musical.

Anyway, I guess I like my little David Archuletta, but he does that Melinda Dolittle thing where they compliment him and he acts like, "Who, me?? Really? You think I'm good?" It bugs me a little. Didja see the sign in the background that a girl was holding that said "Lick those Lips!" ?? That was weird.

In sum: going home: Syesha. Never ever sing a former Idol's song. That's my motto. Meanwhile, I'm off to go download Jason Castro's song.
Christie O. Out.


  1. Yep, again I am kind of mad I missed it, though there is plenty of angst on the wrap up show tonight

  2. I was surprised by some of the performances last night. I heart David Cook, and he just didn't deliver last evening.

    Castro rocked it!

  3. I thought the whole night was kind of lackluster. I've not been a fan of Christy, but I think she did very well!


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