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I have already started a stockpile of different purchases (decorations, wall-hangings, pillows, etc) for Poops' new room. Transportation.

I recently mentioned how I have been salivating over redecorating his tired old green froggy room that I am so over looking at. It was so cute two years ago. But it's so two years ago. I almost can't even stand looking at that froggy face anymore.

Also, he just looks so big (and almost ridiculous!) in his crib. (But mostly I want to redecorate.)

And the redesign entails converting his crib into a toddler bed. But I'm scared! I don't know how/when to do this or even if he would do this (without getting out of bed and playing with his toys -- we don't have a playroom -- or wandering around the house in the middle of the night, or getting up at 6 a.m. instead of chirping and falling back asleep like he does now). Would he even sleep there? He actually likes his crib.

He tells me, "Ay Ay seep" (translation: "Aidan sleep") when he's tired. He grabs his blankie and waits for me to launch him into the crib where all his friends (George, Pooh, Froggins) are waiting. He loves it in there (how lucky am I!)

So when did you do it? How did you do it? Did you use rails? Did you put a child safety gate at the doorway? Or did your kid just abide by the "stay in your room until mommy and daddy say you can come out" rule? Help!


  1. I wish I could help you, but we haven't gotten there with Elliot as yet. It'll be sometime soon as Elliot has been seen trying to climb out of his cotbed, but we're trying to stall it for as long as possible. Like you said with Aidan, Elliot is HAPPY in there. We've bought a bedguard thing so he won't fall out and we're thinking of putting a child gate on Elliot's door so he doesn't wander. About the toys, we've decided to remove ALL of his toys so he doesn't get distracted by them. Apart from that, we're in the same boat as you! (apart from the redecorating, I still LOVE Elliot's space room)

  2. My older son went to his big boy bed at 2.5. The new baby was coming and we needed the crib. He made the transition on his own and he was really getting too big anyway. My youngest went to the big boy bed right when he turned 2 and that was too soon for me but again, it was his decision. The store we bought our baby furniture from called to say that the manufacturer was going out of business and if we wanted to add more pieces we needed to do it right then. My baby was only 18 months old so they said they would warehouse it for me until I was ready. After he turned 2 I started thinking about that furniture getting moved around and damaged in the warehouse. I had it delivered and as soon as he saw it he wanted it. That was it. He never looked back and I still left the crib up for 4 months after that but then eventually took it down.

  3. DJ went from his crib to the toddler bed part of his crib at about 18 months. Because he shook the side of his crib so hard he popped the screws out. It was a HARD thing, because he was not the best sleeper before that, and now he does not sleep at all it feels like.

  4. sometime around 2..don't think there is a magic age. I think you will be surprised..I was afraid as well, with both girls. I think I put a gate up in the doorway for awhile. But in all actuality, they both had no idea that they could get up out of their beds. In fact, I never had a little face appear at my bedside until they were atleast four. I was hard core, never had rails or anything. I think they both fell out of bed only once.
    Good luck! I know you hate to mess with a good thing!

  5. This is a great idea for a blog. My son is only one, but I am due to have our next baby Oct. 23rd and want the transition to his big boy bed to feel like an honor and not because we need the crib for the next baby. Hope this transition goes well for you both!!

  6. My oldest left the crib at 2 - when his little brother came in and took it over. They shared a room - it was an easy transition - babies sleep in cribs big boys sleep in a bed. My middle one was 2 1/2 - booted out of the crib for the same reason. Jordan was 2 1/2 as well - she started climbing out so that was the end of the crib. Funny thing is she climbed out of the crib but she would sit in her big girl bed and call for me to get her up for several weeks.


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