Prize time: Week Three

I just want to say off the top, I know sometimes it takes a while to decide whether or not you're ready for a change; everyone has to have their own pivotal moment, that "Ohmigod" epiphany, the one where they decide they can't take it anymore and it doesn't always happen at the same time as everyone else. So even though we are three weeks in, if you're reading this and you still aren't sure whether you're ready to take the plunge or not, there is still time to jump in. It doesn't matter if it's four or five weeks in, there is no bad time to start, and plus I plan on continuing this past the last weigh in (June 6th), so I won't just leave you hanging in a lurch after the final weigh-in. So come on in!

That being said, here's the prize for week three! It's a combo-platter. A Sportline calorie, step and distance Pedometer and a Sportline Handheld Hydration water bottle.

My favorite thing about the water bottle is that it has a little strappy thingy on it so you can hold it while you're walking or running.

Nifty, huh?

So just sign the linky on Friday, link back here, and leave a comment with your weight-loss, (remember, you don't have to put your actual weight) just the loss. Good luck this week! Oh, and there was some shaving of heads this weekend, tune in tomorrow for that. As I always say, the family that shaves together, stays together!

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  1. I should jump in on this, but I've got so much else going on already. How's that for an excuse??? :P


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