Sophisticated Filtration System

It's confirmed. My son has developed what most men in many industrialized nations have aquired, and at a very young age. A sophisticated filtration system that blocks out the sound of the opposite sex's voice.

My conversation with Poops this morning went like this.
Me: Do you have to use the potty?
Him: Silence.
Me: Do you have to use the potty?
Him: Crickets.
Me: Do you have to use the potty?
Him: (runs out of room)

Now, had I mentioned one of the keywords, like, for instance, "cracker", or "cake" he would have ignored every other word in the sentence and ran for the pantry and it would have went like this.

Me: Do you have to use the potty cracker cake?
Him: (running toward kitchen like a wild beast) CACKER! CACKER! CACKER! CACKER! CAKE! CAKE! CAKE!

I have myself wondered since a young age how a boy (and then later a man) was so good at profiently blocking out certain words/statements uttered from a female. But I am witnessing it now firsthand and it's amazing. It's like being a part of the miraculous wildlife at dawn on safari. I feel like whispering (so as to not disturb this natural wonderment) to my tour guide (who has an Australian accent of course), "Did you see that?" Mouth agape.

I have frequently witnessed this with my husband, but I had not figured out how his talent was so tuned and so refined. Like the day before St. Patrick's Day, when we went to my aunt's for a corned beef and cabbage dinner and I asked him to stop by the store to pick up some Bud Lite and some green food coloring so I could make us some green beers. He was looking right at me as I said, "OK, now the food coloring is down the cake aisle, near the spices, on the top shelf." He nodded and went on his way. We met up at my aunt's and there he was with the beer. I asked, did you get the food coloring? A perplexed look crossed his face and he said, "You never mentioned food coloring! I thought you had food coloring!" So I asked, "You don't remember me telling you exactly where the food coloring is and nodding back at me like you understood?"

Amazing. My son now has this talent and I am Charlie Brown's teacher.

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