Tuesday's Tips! And Heads or Tails!

Wakey wakey eggs and bakey! If only I were that awake and chipper today. My Tuesday's Tips today coincides with the theme of today's Heads or Tails, hosted by Skittles! How lucky!

OK one day I'll get used to this crazy wake-up hour. I got out of bed (in the dark) repeating my mantra -- It's only an hour before I would normally get up it's only an hour before I would normally get up...

My big tip for today is simple and it worked for me and it's two words. Get moving.
Even if you don't go to the gym, even if you don't actually lace up and power walk or put in that workout tape...just plain old move more.

This is how I had my "accidental" weight loss and what inspired me to lose more (along with that God awful fat photo). I wasn't in the mind to go to the gym every day yet, I was just starting to get some sleep at night, but I told myself to wear "play shoes" more (closed toed shoes rather than flip-flops--i forget i'm in florida, probably no one else is in flip-flops yet) so I can run around outside with Poops. And I parked REALLY REALLY REALLY far away from the entrance of stores (this one I always scoffed at in the past). And I just plain got outside more to do things like take short (slow) walks with the kids, or garden. And I picked up Aidan and flew him around the house more. Whatever it was, I thought, ok just move. Baby steps. And what do you know, 5 pounds gone. Hmmm. I thought, maybe there's something to this. My mom said it like this, "If you're sitting, stand. If you're standing, walk. If you're walking, run."

Anyone got some tips???


  1. I agree with the "get moving". You can't lose weight without it. Want to stay motivated. Put your shorts on and look at yourself backwards in the mirror. Works for me everytime.

  2. I parked at the farthest parking spot at the hospital when I took Little man up to see DH this morning. Hope that counts. ;) Actually today is a xtrain day, so I will have to do yogaish stuff later on.


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