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I didn't nurse Poops for all that long. We made it just about six months. But this time around it is going so much better and I hope to go the full year. There is only one problem: he bites. He has two bottom teeth, and well, ouch is all I can say but I won't lie. Expletives come to mind when it happens. (It's a little better now--I've done all the things the books and the internets say to do and it is rarer than it was. I still plan on going the full year.)

So my question is, did you nurse? And if you did, for how long? And why did you stop?



  1. Okay, I always feel odd divulging this information, but I nursed my first until he was 26 months. That was entirely led by him, I had planned on quitting at 14 months. I forced him to stop at 26 months because I wanted my body back. And also I was pregnant. So...I didn't get my body back. Darn.
    I'm nursing my second now, he is 9 months. I think he will probably self-wean sooner.
    Here is a little too much info: I have only had a visit from Aunt Flo 3 times since February, 2004. Yeah. Go nursing!

    I got my tea on Friday! I looooooveee it! I'm so lucky!

  2. I only nursed Jordan - I worked full time when the boys were babies and I just couldn't handle it all. With Jordan everyone told me how "horrible" it was and how I would quit. It wasn't horrible - I had no issues. When her teeth came in she learned pretty quick she best not bite me - a loud NO and I would set her on the floor. She still was naughty sometimes but you could see in the look in her eye she was going to "test me" and bite! When she was 14months old she quit. It was a gradual progression down to just a cuddle/nurse in the morning when she would wake up. I brought her in to bed one morning and she just turned her head away and that was that.


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