Fat Ticker Friday slash Scavenger Hunt!

I am so utterly happy to be doing this slimdown you just have no idea. I haven't fit into this size in two years. My underwear is loose! I might need new underwear! Thank you for motivating me, wonderful blogging friends. I heart you bigtime. This week's weightloss for me: 1.5 pounds. Yay! How about you? How did you do? Roadblocks? Breakthroughs?

So here are my pictures for the scavenger hunt (open to everyone) and if you haven't yet done it -- there is still time and it's really easy. Here are the rules. Remember: random winner will receive $25 giftcard to Barnes and Noble -- and most creative gets a copy of Tommy Boy, my favorite movie. Sign the linky!

So here are my pictures:
1) Something healthy in my house. This is a sampling of what's in my fridge. Some cottage cheese, some apples, some broccoli and some salad. I'd better get munchin cause they are about to expire.

2) Maybe they're expiring because I've been munching on these! I was craving chocolate Wednesday night so I did cave and buy these. However, I have only had four (4) of them and a serving is actually 5. They are dark chocolate, you know, anti-oxidants. Does that count? And they're little. Portion control?

3) Favorite workout gear ever is my khaki bag and my I-Pod with the headphones that wrap around your ears and go around the back of your neck. They stay on so much better that way.
4) A part of me exercising.

Psych!!!! That's just my arm bent at the elbow. Yes, it looks like a butt. I'm immature. I couldn't resist. How about a foot instead?

5) And this is my family exercising with me. The boys.

And me! Get me! Over here! I had to take a picture in the first one. I was going to photoshop myself in, but I'm not that creative. This was after my first 25-minute-straight run on my Couch to 5k program. From here on out, all my runs will be 25 or 30 minutes straight. We're on the downward spiral. We're almost there!I thought it would be harder but I've done it twice now and it's a little tough but completely doable. I just have to think happy thoughts and not pay attention to the clock AT ALL. Here's the link again to play the scavenger hunt!


  1. hmmmm, no fair, I don't need to buy new underwear just yet, now fitting into t-shirts and shirts that I had given up on wearing and I keep hitching up several pairs of trousers!!!

  2. Ok, I'm stinking this week. I gained a pound. But I'm changing up my routine. I joined today ($65.00 for 3 months sucks but so does gaining 1 pound). If I paid the money I'll try harder. Who wants to waste $65.00?
    Great job! Make sure to get some sexy underwear:) Hubby will appreciate that:)

  3. I stunk it up this week. No weight loss (but no weight gain either). Of course it could be that I did NO CARDIO this week.

  4. Curmudgeon says, "Stay strong, little root"

  5. What kind of I pod do you have? I don't have one but need to get one. I thought hubby would take the hint for mother's day, but no. So I'm on my own. I uploaded my fav exercise songs to the "weight loss blog" but need somewhere else to upload them. What do you suggest?

  6. I'm late again in posting but....I've been busy. I didn't gain OR lose this weekend - but I'll take it!

    Have a great weekend.

    (I love the photos, the scavenger hunt looked fun, I really should have participated but just didn't have time. OH! And I've been meaning to drop you a line to let you know that I got the bag, and I love it!)


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