Fat Ticker Friday!

Welcome to Fat Ticker Friday!

How did you do this week?

I will weigh in a little later this morning. I think I made some progress this week. I have lost one full pound this week. I don't really mind going pound by pound since they're starting to add up. But I don't know if I will make my goal of five more pounds by June 6th. It is likely that I won't but I think I'm ok with that. I made a lot of progress.

However, sadly, I am on tap to run a 40 minute 5k. I realize it's a good thing that I even so much as finish the 5k. So why do I feel the need to pressure myself to do a 30 minute 5k? I haven't run 3 miles straight in about 3 years! But yet, I feel insufficient as a human being, having run 2 miles in 28 minutes. That's a 14 minute mile -- how pathetic is that?! No, self. It's not pathetic -- remember it's good that you're even running two miles. (A little inner monologue going on here).

Anyway, sign the linky! Tell me how you did! Happy Fat Ticker Friday! *Remember -- there is a $50 Spa gift card to the biggest loser -- final weigh-in June 6th! (That's just around the corner!)

Oh yes, and ps. As part of this slimdown, I promise to unveil that God-awful picture of me (the fat chick on the couch holding the baby) that started this whole thing. Hopefully I will have a better picture of a better, healthier, upgraded version of me by then. I'll post it at final weigh-in. Oh joy!


  1. Ok my post is up! I am at work so I can't see Mr. Linky today (wanna fill it in for me? You know the details. ;) ) But I figured out this morning after I got to work that I am wearing a pair of jeans that are two sizes smaller than the ones that I had worn all winter! Happy DANCE!

  2. You lost a pound and that's great. And I think that 2 miles in 28 minutes is more than respectable (that's what I run so maybe I'm biased). You will do great. Just think of all you've accomplished so far. Be proud of yourself!!!

  3. ohhh maybe I should join. I am trying to drop 30 pounds :(

  4. I think it's fantastic that you've lost ANOTHER pound. Way to go.

    I however am downright embarrassed about my week (again). I didn't even have to weigh myself, I just know.

    It wasn't pretty.

  5. I am so lame!! I have lost 5 pounds during your wonderful weight loss project. However I have not done the Mr. Linky. I have been so stressed with selling our house and school projects with three of my children and studying with my 13 year old for her finals...need I go on.

    So I really should have lost more but I eat when I am stressed!!!

    School is out thank goodness and report cards are in. So I can take a deep breath and relax for a few minutes!!

    Congrats on your 10 pounds!!!


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