The Final Countdown/Grand Prize

OK guys, it's on! (Can you hear the Final Countdown music playing yet? Turn up your volume.)

There are less than three weeks left until our final weigh-in and we've all had some good weeks and some bad weeks and some "nothing to report" weeks. Let's pull it together troops!

I'm gonna turn drill sergeant for a second here.

Private Momma, DO you want to fit into those pants! DO you want to stop beating yourself up over having weeks of no loss! DO you want to meet your goal or not! DO you want to weigh in on June 6th and be proud of yourself of the job you have done! DO you want to be a healthier mom to your kids and a better example for your family! DO you want to purge your closet of "size huge"! DO you want to try on clothes and not cry and crumple into a heap on the floor of the dressing room!

If you've answered "Yes!" in your head to any of these questions, this is it. The last couple weeks. The final stretch. Over the hump. If it's not now, then when? So here it is. The grand prize.

A $50 SpaFinder Gift Card. Which means it's to any spa in your area that will take it. Take a timeout to pamper yourself for all the hard work you've done.

Here are the rules (they are simple):
-Winner will have lost the most weight from the beginning of the challenge until final weigh-in.*
-Latecomers can still join -- there will be "extra credit" opportunities over the next couple weeks.

If you don't win the prize and you've lost some weight, well then hey, you still win.

*Yes, this whole weightloss thing has been and continues to be on the honor system -- but I know everyone here is honest and has been honest, so let's continue to play fair!

I honestly don't know what I would have done without everyone whose been a part of this. Since beginning this, I've lost 9 pounds, and before that I had lost 5. So, total for me is 14 pounds -- only six away from my goal. I have worked my ass off six days a week, have made a LOT of dietary sacrifices and have somehow found time to "do the work". And it is work. It's crazy work. I've overheated, almost thrown up (twice) and put my body through the mill. I've had many "I can't do this anymore" moments. I've had moments when I thought that all the hard work I was doing was for nothing. (Oh yes, you've heard me rant and rave about it. Re: those pants that I obsess over in my closet). Then boom. All of a sudden, stuff started happening. I actually fit those pants I was obsessing over in my closet. So it does work after all. It's just effing hard. (Scuse the french.)

I challenge you this week to think about the changes you've made in your life so far. Figure out what's worked and what hasn't. And Friday, when you post your weightloss, list some of the things you're most proud of that you've changed since the slimdown began. Sure it's about the weight, (who are we kidding), but it's just as much about being healthy and making changes toward becoming more healthy.

Have a good week! Good luck!

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