Gavid Cookie

You may be waiting for me to tell you about how cute Poops sounds while pronouncing David Cook's name.

But no.

My phone was vibrating this morning and my husband picked it up and besides the message "low battery" which always seems to pop up on my phone, I see the message, "hi idol gavid cookie"

Yep. That's my dad.

And I laugh to myself. I mean, who else would get a text message about Idol at 7 in the morning from their dad.

My dad is a gadget freak. He just got his new upgraded phone and he can't tear himself away from it. When he gets a new toy and there is a family function going on at the same time, you can literally see him sweating from across the room thinking about when the next time will be that he will get his hands on his new gadget and try it out and fix it up and fiddle around with it.

And when he just can't help himself anymore, he'll disappear in a corner and there you will find him fiddling around with it until my mom yells at him, "Harry, you're being rude!" "Put that thing down!" "You have all night to tinker with that!"

He also likes to text message, which I find very funny. He has become known for his cryptic text messages.

"Try e-mail lateral" (I have to check my e-mail later because he sent me something).

"Mom hurtn hands I just burn l shoulder" (Often, these messages require a callback and an, "Im sorry, what???" Like this one.) Turns out he fell off his bike and injured his left shoulder and my mom was having a day where her hands hurt really bad. OK.

Or "Mom spoke to niehbor talk to u later luv u". Umm.

And then sometimes I'll be out and about and receive the cryptic text messages at random times about random things. Like the latest news.

"Evenflo car seats 390 etc recall". Hmmm. OK. A head's up. My dad is very helpful in that way.

Then I noticed when I was scrolling through looking at my hundred and something text messages that I never clear out (more than half are from him), there is a theme going on here.

In between the messages about Idol ("brooke is gone or syesha"), I see lots of random, "Luv U" or "XO U2" or "How r u" or "How r my gss?" (Asking here about his grandsons. Hey, that's pretty good text language for an old guy.)

And I think about how cute my dad is with his gadgets. I take these cute little messages for granted sometimes when I open up the phone and laugh at them. But in these little messages, (can't you just picture him with his little gray head --that my grandmother insists is still blonde -- punching in the keys and firing off messages?) There he is, loving his gadgets and loving his family, all at the same time.

Kind of like a high-tech way of finding a note in your lunchbox.


  1. That is *so* awesome! Really. My dad finally got a a cell phone and a computer, but the whole email and texting thing is not happening. If it did, I know we'd stay in better touch. I love how this technology really does give people the chance to instantly communicate little parts of our days - or just confuse the heck out of someone for sport :)

  2. This is just awesome! Both my parents are older and not really into gadgets but they try.

    They both just recently got cell phones and it's funnier than all get out when their phone is ringing like crazy and they can't figure out what that noise is.....

  3. my dad's just like this with the gadgets...he just got a laptop and his very own email address! he's so excited (and just so cute)


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