Happy Fat Ticker Friday!

Well it's official. I hadn't a single weight-loss this week. In fact, I gained a 0.5 depending on which time of day you ask the scale.

Scale scale on the floor -- do I weigh less or do I weigh more?

So the ticker is going to go the wrong way today. But you know what? I'm ok with that. I exercised 13 days straight (my normal "day off" was the 5 mile March for Babies and yes, I'm counting that!) and my clothes are noticeably looser. I am not yet into the size below my current pants size yet -- but my current pants look ridiculously big, I have saggy bottom and they fall down. Why that doesn't allow me to get into the next size down yet I don't know. I must fall right in between the two. I don't ask questions anymore. But those pants I try on every day? Almost in, baby. Also, I can feel myself able to run further and faster and longer already. Progress is being made, even if it isn't translating on the dumb scale.

My one cheat this week: Wednesday during a Peep photo shoot (can't you just picture the professional set-up, the big lights, the giant camera -- the Peeps sitting there posing while I say "I love it! I love it! (clicking away) Now make me hate it!")

Sorry, got off on a tangent there for a second... Anyway during the "shoot"-- "weightlifting Peeps" -- I ate a pack of Rolos that I was using (they look like weights when you put one on each end of a skewer! who knew! My mom's idea of course.) They stared me down and honestly, if I wasn't going to eat them, my husband was. He was giving them the stink-eye all week.

So how did you do this week? Please feel free to visit the others on the linky to give them a high-five!

ps. Wanna join us or already working on your own to drop a few? Weigh in with us on Fridays to enter the weekly giveaways!!


  1. I'm down another pound! I had a rough week - sickness, and the weather wasn't worth much and just the blahs so I didn't exercise really at all, but I'll take the loss.

    I'm sorry your ticker moved in the wrong direction, but that's okay. Next week will be a good one!

  2. I lost one. I think. Sorry your ticker went the other way. That happens sometimes. Next week will be better.

  3. It's frustration friday today. Haven't lost any pound. Damn final exam stress....

    Hugs, &hearts Sonny

    P.S: I wrote ya an email yesterday, did you get it? I re-sent it today, just in case.

  4. It must be in the air, because I didn't lose anything either....grrr! Oh well, here's to next week and watching those tickers go the other way!!


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