This is one of my very favorite pictures of my mother and I, taken 3 years ago just before my wedding.

I can't believe how close we have gotten since then. Somewhere along the way, I grew up and we became friends. I remember calling my mom a few months into my first pregnancy just to tell her "I'm sorry." Because it wasn't until then that I had realized the simultaneous love and worry and joy and ache of motherhood and the magnitude of it all, and I was sorry for being so ungrateful.

Thank you, Mom. Not just for being my mom, but for being my confidant, my own personal worry-wart, my conscience (that little face that appeared in the top right corner of my shoulder when I was a kid saying, "Don't you stay out past 12 -- nothing is open then, you can only get into trouble!") my guide, my teacher, my angel and now, my friend. And thank you for showing me how to be a mother.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you.

And Happy first Mother's Day, my little Anna Mary, for you are the proud mama of a bump! I can't wait to meet him or her! You are going to be such a wonderful mother! You already are. What a blessing you are to that little peanut.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my sister Anna, holding my little boy, her Godson. She just looks so angelic to me.

And thank you, my boys, for making me "Ma Ma". I love you so very much. My family of my very own. There is nothing better in this life and this world than being your mom. This is why I am here. This is my purpose.

Happy Mother's Day, Mommies everywhere!


  1. Look how gorgeous you are! My goodness! What a sweet, sweet post. And the peeps? should enter these into some type of peeps contest. Is this not a detriment to your dieting? ha ha.
    You are far to excited for the Olympics this year!

  2. What a gorgeous bride you were! That photo is fantastic, I love it! So is the one of your boys and your sister....

    What a thoughtful and loving post! Happy Mother's Day!


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