Ice Ice Baby! (A Tea Giveaway)

I cannot resist tea. When I was pregnant and visiting tea rooms, I was choosy about having decaf tea and I am glad I was because I found some spectacular teas that I wouldn't have otherwise even tried. In fact, there is one that is not even on the menu at the tea room my mother and I went to yesterday -- and it has turned out to be one of my very favorites. You just have to try it! Yep! I'm giving it away so you won't have to have tea envy.

We go all the way to Sarasota just for this tea, it is such a treat. (And yes, I told you about my addictive personality and yes, I fell victim to the merchandising of Coach when we went to the outlets afterward -- who can resist a pink purse-- but hey, Mother's Day is next weekend and it took the guesswork out of present-buying for the kids (aka husband). I did everyone a favor, if you want to look at it that way! Thanks guys!) Oh, yes, back to tea.
It's called Miami Ice. Isn't it pretty? It's considered a peach-flavored tea but these are the ingredients: hibiscus, rose hip peels, papaya cubes, rose hip peels, apple pieces, elderberries, black currants, flavoring, freeze-dried strawberry pieces.

So go figure. Where's the peach? I don't even care. This tea rocks. Its color when brewed is a deep marooney-purpley color --it's gorgeous! -- and it's got a very strong and distinct flavor, definitely fruity but not a "sweet" fruity.

So leave me a comment with your favorite thing about any tea room you've been to, or if you haven't been to a tea room, tell me why! Consider it some market research for me (as my mom and I work on opening one).

Contest closes Friday night at 8pm et and I'll announce the winner Saturday.



  1. It better be a treat if you have to go to Sarasota for it.

    Whats a Tea Room?

  2. I've never been to a tea room. Yes it is true. There is one near to my house but you have to call in advance and tell them to open it? That doesn't work for me. I live in the moment, baby!
    I will share a tea story with you.
    Once my husband and I were traveling in Bangkok. We ate at an Indian Restaurant one night. They served us some weak tea with a slice of lime floating in it before the meal. We both drank it all. We liked the meal so much we went back again the next night for dinner. When the waiter brought the special tea this time, he said, "Water. For washing."
    We had drank the dish water!
    Note to indian restaurants: DO NOT PUT HAND WASHING WATER IN A CUTE TEA CUP WITH A SLICE OF LIME! -Thanks, Management.

  3. I've never been in a tea room. I don't think I ever heard of one, but it sounds nice! ~lol~ :)

  4. Hi Christie! :) Thanks for stopping by... I DO think it's strange that fewer people spell their names like we do... It seems like there are tons of ways to spell it! My best friend growing up was a Kristi... but we never felt like we had the same name.
    As to tea rooms... I've never been to one! I want to, but I don't have any other "tea" friends. Everbody else does coffee, so I'll have to find me a tea buddy and visit a tea room sometime! The miami ice tea blend looks heavenly! I love hibiscus and elderberry especially!

  5. tea rooms? Well, coming from a tea-addicted family (with the exception of my oldest brother - must be a changling!) we visit quite a lot of tea rooms!!

    But the one that comes to mind at this particular moment is one in Rye, East Sussex in the UK that is called "Simon the Pieman" and it is quite old fashioned - we like to make sure that we grab the nearest table to the open fire and then order our food!! I usually go for tea with lashings of hot toast slathered with butter - perfect after a walk along the harbour!!

  6. Tea room? Huh does nan's flat count? LOL Natalie and my favorite tea is the ones that we can get when our friend Niki's mom (nan) make it. It doesn't matter what kind she makes (as long as its british) but hers is always the best.

  7. I love Tea! There's nearly nothing more refreshing than icecold peppermint tea when it's hot outside.

    And the nicest tea room I've ever been to was a small little café in Greetsiel a little nice fishing village at the northsea. We had traditional East Frisian black tea freshly brewed into the tea pot and served on a warmer. We had a really romantic time there!

    Hugs, Sonny

  8. I'm too late, aren't I? :(
    Well, just to answer your query, I've never been to a tea room!! What's it like? I'd love to go :)


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