New look

So what do you think? Judi over at Doodlebug Designs put up with me put my new look together and she was wonderful! Thank you to Chic Shopper Chick for recommending her! And thank you Judi for your creativity and your patience! You are truly wonderful.

Anyone looking for a new look -- seriously, Judi will not only help you find something to fit your personality, but she puts her heart into her work and your blog. Thumbs up from here.


  1. I Love, Love, Love the new design!! Eventually I hope to totally redesign mine. I did my own little thing recently to get away from the pre-made Blogger template, and I do like it better, but something that looks really well done like this would be awesome. So adorable, too, all the tea leaves and tea bags.

  2. Love the new look!! Judi does great work!!!

    The colors are fab!!


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