There must be some sort of planetary alignment thing going on. There is an odd sort of aura around here and weird things are cropping up in and around this house and this family.

I have mentioned the "witching hour," have I? These are the hours between 4 and 8 where my children are lunatics. It's the time of day when they are in simultaneous harmony, screaming like banshees in a symphony in chorus together. One wants to eat for four hours straight -- the other is pissed that the other one wants to eat for four hours straight. It is difficult to make dinner this way. It goes like this: dinner, screaming, bathtime, screaming, storytime, screaming, lights out. Sound sleep. During all of it, I just continue on my merry way, trying to stay mellow, getting things done and trying to make jokes in between. Despite the screaming. What else can I do? It's almost funny. But by 8pm I am toast.

And isn't it funny when there are friends that you haven't heard from in forever and they all seem to call at once? Three of them, yesterday. By complete coincidence. Three friends of mine who I haven't heard from in literally 6 months or more. All calling me on the same day. Weird.

I am pondering, should we get a kitten? When I consider the "witching hour" I emphatically say in my own head, "Are you kidding me?" But some kittens have made a home on my mother-in-law's porch (one of them had died, the cute little runt of the litter that we were for sure going to take.. but she was very sick and didn't make it. Oh so so so sad! I can't think about it too much I will cry.) But there are three kittens left. One of them used to cuddle with the weensy one and we were thinking maybe we'd take her. We have a little old lady cat already, and I would really like to have another kitty kitty kitty but I am on the fence. I am not sure if Poops would try to crush her or not. He chases the old lady around the house but she holds her own, even in her elderly years. My husband wants the kitty more than I do, but of course he does, it will be me having to take care of the little thingy and I already have two little thingies, (three counting little old lady kitty). So I am not sure of the chaos it will create.

You know those toilet paper holders that aren't stuck on the wall, instead they are on a stand? Yesterday, Poops was singing his lungs out ("Shah shah shah mee maaaa shah!" - not sure exactly what that meant) and I turned and looked at him (I was putting my makeups on in the bathroom) and saw that we got our money's worth on that purchase. It doubles as a mic stand.

Yes, he brought it out into the living room. Fantastic! This did become a problem later when it was inaccessible to me at a most inconvenient time.

As you can tell, he is very proud of himself for what he discovered. Yes, it is a little gross and you are probably thinking How could she let him play with that? Ick! I know, I know. Bad mom, here. But it was funny.

By the way -- do you know WHO GOT TO MEET THE PRESIDENT? Yes, my sister. She met Mr. Bush at Military Families Appreciation Day. Isn't that the ultimate way to get acknowledgement for what you do as a military wife! I think it's so wonderful. She and the bump got to meet the president. You can read about it here, along with her presidential breakfast (which she of course took pictures of). I'm so proud of her!

Finally -- I am almost excited about tomorrow's weigh-in. Almost. Because you know why? I have officially dropped one whole size! There are two sizes as far as I am concerned. There are regular sizes and there are: "Size Huge" sizes. Which is my name for larger sizes that I have never been in in my life except for post-baby. And I have been in a size huge since Poops was born, which feels like forever now. I am proud to announce that my "Size Huges" are actually big on me. And I actually bought three pairs of regular sized pants this week. Exclamation mark!

I was nervous because, you know how it happens, (or maybe it's just me). You grab a fistful of "Oh, these have to fit" pants because they look gigantoid and then there is horror in the dressing room (and possible crying) when you realize that they don't fit. At all. Then instead you buy shoes because those always fit. And your husband gets mad because you come home with another pair of shoes when you were supposed to be out getting clothes that fit. (Oh, just me again?) That's been my life for the past two years. So you can imagine my being hesitant about my trek into the dressing room this week. Fingers crossed (and a Hail Mary) I grabbed a fistful of "Could they fits?" And what do you know! They did! All three of them! So I bought all of them. Because this was momentous. Bigtime momentous. I am getting back to me. Finally. Oh, it has been so long. So, in sum, I am excited about tomorrow. Don't forget weigh-in day tomorrow!


  1. Wow, you've dropped a size! That's fantastic.

    I'm not so excited about tomorrow's weigh in - it's been a bad 'dieting' week for me....

  2. Yayyy!! You dropped a size!! That's great!!! And I LOVE this picture! He's definitely your baby! :)

  3. Woohoo!!! You dropped a size! That is so awesome! It actually motivates me to work a bit harder, because I have been on the verge of that smaller size for some time now, but I can't seem to get there....maybe soon.


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