Some Fodder and some NEWS

Whine whine whine.

Mommmmmy my leg hurts!!

Nope. That's not my two-year-old whining. It's just me.

I got the surrounding part of my mole punched out on my left thigh today and it kills! Yes, I have pushed out two babies and have had stitches in places I won't mention and I'm being a big baby. So sue me. But I can't seem to get my leg in a comfortable position. The stitches are right smack in the middle of my thigh so when it's bent, it hurts, when it's straight it hurts. I'm lame.

My biggest worry wasn't the possibility of melanoma, no. (I find out the results of this biopsy in about 2 weeks). It was the fact that I was afraid my running schedule would be disrupted.

You see, I have a very strict schedule to adhere to prepare for the 5K and I hadn't left any room to pause. I planned the 5k at exactly 9 weeks from when I was starting to train -- and that's exactly how long the program is. So if I miss a day, I don't have any wiggle room to make it up. Fortunately and by accident, I don't run again until Sunday anyway, and the doctor said the stitches will be on their way to healing so she doesn't mind if I run. Hopefully I will not pop a stitch. It's a good thing too because now is about the halfway mark and when the runs are getting longer and a little tougher for my out-of-shape self. I just can't do "legs" at the gym for two weeks--which does stink, but oh well. (Wear sunscreen, people! Or one day you, too, will have stitches in your leg and won't be able to do leg presses for 2 weeks!)


Way back in the Captain Poopy days, there were the Old Man Hancock days -- when my sister blogged about her husband's deployment. Now she's given birth to a new blog -- (and it looks just like her!!) and she's blogging about her pregnancy and married life, now that the old man is home. (Boy they've been busy!)

Hop over and visit her at A Blog and a Baby -- I can't believe my baby sister is having a baby! I'm busting!

And here are some pictures of my little ham. I can't believe how big he's getting. The high chair is officially back out in the kitchen so we can start solids any day now. He was five months yesterday. Still not really taking a bottle -- sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't --but he's a total mama's boy. We haven't had to buy a single can of formula yet, so I guess the bottle-thing hasn't been too bad with all the money we're saving.

Man! Time goes by fast. It feels like just yesterday when I was a crying-every-day-riding-the-crazy-train-no-sleep-complete-and-utter-mess. So glad that was just a phase! This part is cake. Isn't he delicious?

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  1. Oh my CUTE is he? Look at that smiley guy!
    Congrats to your sister...
    being an aunt is so fun!
    I have to start training for a 5K as well..
    I'm trying to get inspired here, trying...

  2. Look how big Little Poops is. Oh my, time goes too fast. Don't you want to say "STOP GROWING AND STAY LITTLE". Congrats to your sis!!


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