Walk for Stupis Lupus

Don't be offended, that's what my mom calls it. Stupis Lupus. It's her little way of making light of such a terrible disease. Unfortunately, there's nothing funny about it. (There is a long, involved story about how my mom found out she had lupus (and rheumatoid arthritis) and I promise I will tell it sometime. It was lifechanging for all of us.)

But for now, I'll just post our pictures from the very first lupus walk in our area on Saturday. Oh, and yes, I made tee-shirts again! I'm getting pretty good at this. The walk was held at Tropicana Field, where the Tampa Bay Rays play. It's an indoor stadium; the walk was indoors because most people who have lupus cannot be outside in the sun. It was also a pretty short walk, since most people who have lupus are in a constant state of pain. But there was a huge turnout. And since I am completely obsessed with the sport of baseball, walking around the field a word.. AWESOME!
There's my mom and pops up there. And there below, I am putting myself in timeout in the dugout. I sat in the dugout! Me! In the dugout!
Above: the boys. And below, a gratuitous face-shot of Mini Poops, I can't help myself. For some reason I keep taking these upclose pictures of just his face. Now it's becoming a joke. I take them almost daily.
It was a lot of fun, and it was very touching to see so many people there who are affected by this disease.


  1. A terrific cause, an awful place to walk, but a terrific cause

  2. I think I'd like your mom, and I do love baseball. You are all about walking for good things, and I think that's awesome.

  3. I wish I was there!!!!!!

    PS. Please come out of this close up head shot phase you're getting into. Remember all the close up's of our glowing faces all dressed up for occasions that we loved so much??! :)

  4. Better yet, keep them coming!! I thought of a magnificent blog idea! hahahahaha


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