Daddy Eyes

This post was originally going to be about a funny story about my dad and my husband. Until I started uploading the pictures for it.

And then I got all sentimental. It is, after all, Father's Day. I am a little late in posting but that's because I spent the day with both my husband and my dad and well, I can't think of a better reason for not having blogged yet today.

As I was going through the pictures and clicking on them one by one to upload them, I realized they had something in common and it was something I just had to write about.

If you look really closely at the pictures, you'll notice that both my husband and my dad both have "daddy eyes." I was looking at these pictures, these moments, and I was melting all over the floor.

I can't explain "daddy eyes" except to say it is a look. It's a look of unwavering love that is written all over someone's face and is spoken in volumes through their eyes. When you are the object of daddy eyes, you are literally the most loved, most protected thing on the planet. It is a look that says, "I would lay down my life for you." It is that powerful. It is that deep.

When a daddy is looking at their baby with those daddy eyes (and it doesn't matter how young or old that "baby" is -- or the daddy for that matter), there is melting all over the room. The daddy is melting. The baby is melting because they are being so loved at that moment. And anyone who catches this moment is melting. Because it is so gosh-darn stinking wonderful and cute and lovely that no one is immune to this moment and anyone who witnesses it knows how lucky they are to have been a part of it.

I love seeing my dad's daddy eyes. I saw them a few times today. I saw them when I told him "Happy Father's Day" and he hugged me. I saw them when were talking about his daddy, my Grandpa, who passed quite a long time ago, and I saw them when we were talking about my sister who's far away. He missed them both very much today. I saw them when he looked at my sons today. And I saw them when he looked at my husband, his son-in-law. My dad has a lot of love in him. You can see it here. This is when he came to my hotel room the morning of my wedding.

You see what I mean? You just can't explain "daddy eyes". They are crinkly, and sometimes teary, but always full of complete and utter love and awe and wonderment.

There they are again. That's when he met my baby for the first time, and when he became a Grandpa. This time you can't physically see the "daddy eyes", but you know they are there. It's something about the way the head is. You just know that on the other side of that picture, there are daddy eyes there.Here is a "daddy eyes" full-frontal. I fell in love with my husband all over again when I saw him give the daddy eyes when he held our first son for the first time.

And here is when I clicked upload and realized how good I have it. Two men giving daddy eyes right before me. The power of the love in this room, at this moment, while they're meeting and introducing our newest little boy, it overwhelms me.

I am so lucky to have these men in my life. I know they would do anything, anything, for the people they love. You can just see it all over their face.

Happy Father's Day to the men in my life. I love you both. It is such a privilege to have and share your love.


  1. You are right about the eyes! I never really thought of it before, but absolutely true.

    And I know exactly what you mean about falling in love with your husband all over again. With every baby of ours that has happened - my love for my husband has just deepened. It's amazing! :-)

  2. I might have been OK if you hadn't included the pictures, and now I'm all melty, too, and my eyes are leaking :)

  3. What a lovely post to read! I know just what you mean about Daddy-Eyes, and I know that my Dad has them! As does my brother with his two little sweeties!

  4. awwww...
    so sweet, I know, I loved that pic of your hubby too when I was scraping it! :)
    I grew up with a crappy father and am so glad that I picked a winner for my girls. There is just something about a man with his kids..

  5. We have some of 'those eyes' around here too. Actually, last night I went to my parents house for dinner since my hubby is out of town. Just for an instant when my Dad was helping me carry the kids to the car, I saw those eyes.

    Thanks for making me think of it!

  6. Daddy eyes. I love that. Yes, I can see that in the picture. Both of them are looking lovingly at the baby. :D

    This is a very beautiful entry. I am deeply touched.

  7. wow great story and yea i did notice and your right!!!


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