I Heart Blogging (A little Bloggy Love Tuesday)

I mean, where else can you read about someone trapsing through hot springs in Japan naked? Or a pimply teenager losing touch with a little girl she tried to help -- only to be reunited with her years later? Or about a family who still manages to find the happiness that is a free splash of vanilla in your coke after finding out what could be some scary health stuff? All in one morning.

You see, friends, this is why I love blogging.

Friday I was zapped. A morning full of ups and downs and tears and laughs, and I hadn't even spoken to anyone in real life yet! I was wiped.

I don't know whether it's that everyone is just in an extremely collective introspective mood, or if everyone is just taking turns being inspired or what. Maybe it's the summertime seeping in. No one ever seems to be this passionate or dreamy or inspired in the winter. Or maybe you just read about people's lives so much that you become vested in them and their experiences.

Whatever it is, that Friday morning it all happened at once. Back to back blog posts that reach down from somewhere deep. And that deep place always seems to be where the best writing comes from. I love that place. No one has to work for good writing when they find that place. The material is just there. I went from one blog to the next on my sidebar, laughing, crying, applauding from the comfort of my couch and my laptop. I must have experienced every range of emotion. My goodness. It was so funny the gamut that I ran that I had to blog about blogging.

So if you have time and want to be inspired, grab a cup of coffee...and read an amazing story about how God works in truly mysterious ways at We Are THAT Family, or send a prayer to Robin and her family at Welcome to My World, one of my very favorite places to go in the bloggyworld, or laugh about which mom you dread being: the haggard, the yeller, or the ignoramus at Musings of a Mamma of Many. This is my little version of around the bloggyworld Tuesday. Enjoy!


  1. You're awesome and gave me some good posts to read. I like your Tuesday bloggy lovefest!

  2. Girlie you know I blog heart you in the biggest way! Where else can you make friends with someone, really bond with someone that you never laid eyes on, yet, feel you have known your entire life!
    My blog is my outlet, my morning routine, checking in with all my friends, updating everyone all at once. What an amazing thing that brings us all together!
    Cheers to you and thanks for the props!


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