I'm Baa-aack!

OH MIGOD. Did I miss my babies. I couldn't stop kissing them all day yesterday.

I thought for sure they were going to do the drive-by-pickup at the airport but when I got off the plane, there they were, my husband and boys! What is it about people greeting you at the gate that's so special? You're still going to see them in about five minutes afterward in the car, but there is just something about their smiley excited faces right when you get off the plane.

I had so much fun in Atlanta. I was visiting my best friend and seeing her new baby (my Godson) for the first time, who is two months old already. My two best friends and I were pregnant together which was a lot of fun, but the downside to that is that no one can travel to see the other babies until weeks after they're born! But now that the babies are all here, it's neat again to be able to share all of the post-partum everything together; weight gain, weight loss, baby gas, fussiness, sleeping through the night-ness, all of that fun stuff.

Her other two boys are a blast now! We ran around outside playing soccer and her four-year-old, (also my Godson) comes out with the most hilarious things, like the following.

While I was running on their treadmill in their basement he was sitting next to me watching and observing. And you know how a four-year-old is brutally honest when making his observations.

Joey: "Aunt Christie, your chin's moving."
Me: (laughing) "Yes Joey, that's why I'm running."

That is just too funny.

I also want to give a huge hats off to the security people I ran into at Tampa International Airport and Hartsfield Airport. I had to pump all weekend while I was away from Mini, so I had to carry my pump with me (it lives in a special backpack). And when it was going through the x-ray at security, the person yelled, "WHOSE BACKPACK IS THIS!!!!" And I raised my hand. The lady asked if she could check it (since it looked all motorized and stuff) and she closed it up quickly and looked at me and smiled and mouthed, "oh, breast pump" and I was on my way. It was cute. I shudder to think what would have happened if it were a male x-ray guy. And on my way back, I had the very fun task of traveling with 15 bottles of pumped breastmilk that I had iced in two small cloth coolers. When I got to security, I said to the lady, "I should tell you I have two coolers of breastmilk with me", and she asked the x-ray guy if there were liquids going through the machine and he said yes, and she pointed to her boob and mouthed, discreetly "breastmilk" and I was on my way. I was so relieved. While I was placing the coolers on the conveyor belt, I had already put my mental boxing gloves on and was ready for a fight (I could just picture running into the only poor chap who didn't know the rules had changed and that you were allowed to travel with pumped breastmilk even while traveling without your child. I pictured them telling me to pull it all out and try it or telling me to pour it out because I had too many -- my mind just went wild.) And I had thought, ok, this is it. Don't get scared now. I was ready. But they were all wonderful! So, thank you, airport security, for being nice and for being discreet. I may just send you a nice letter about it.

The weekend was so nice though, we got a lot of girl time which is just so rare in my life and even more rare with my best friend (who I've known since we were 12.) So it was realllly nice.

Now that I am back, I am internally freaking out about the fact that MY 5K IS THIS WEEKEND!

THIS WEEKEND! Holy crap! It's going to be rough. I've been doing my 30 minute runs and almost dying during and after. So running 3 miles is going to hurt. I'm pretty sure of it. Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I lost a tiny half a pound last week, which I didn't get a chance to update because I had an early flight on fat ticker friday. See you on Friday for our final official weigh-in of the Summer Slimdown! Do you guys wanna keep weighing in on Fridays? Let me know! I am running the virtual 5K at the end of June so I'll continue all my same workouts and everything, and then training for a 10K on Thanksgiving Day. So I'll still be trucking along. I still have a solid 20 to lose.


  1. Welcome back! So glad to hear that airport security treated you right. I think most of the time they really do a good job, but like most things, we tend to only hear when something not so good happens. I hope you do write that letter. After my post today I was wishing I'd said something when I thought someone was nice, and I've promised myself to make a point of it.

    It's always *the best* when people come into the airport to greet you! Tom used to always wait for me with a latte as soon as I'd come through the security area.

    Good luck with your 5k!

  2. Oh, and I *love* your blog redesign so much that Judi is working on a little something for me. I'm beside myself with excitement!

  3. Glad to hear you had no issues with the breastmilk. That would have sucked. Errr...that wouldn't have been cool. ;)

    Best of luck with the 5K. I'm so gonna join your slimdown one of these days. I need to get off my tushie for the 5K I want to run in Sept, and haven't started training for at all.

  4. You go girl..breastmilk and all. I am in awe that you can pump that much..I never could.
    A 10K? Wow..
    Great goals!
    You will be in that kini in no time flat!


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