The Inaugural Fat Ticker Friday!

Congratulations to all of us! We made it through the first five days! How did you do this week?

I realize we probably didn't lose that much, ounces even, but hey. We probably all ate pretty well, counted calories, points, consumed an occasional cookie we won't tell anyone about (oh that was me?).

The first week is all about getting into the groove of things, like figuring out what workout schedule works and what kind of health food everyone else in your family will settle for and telling everyone in your life what you're doing so that they won't try to sabotage you. (And by the way -- this took me weeks of convincing for people to actually believe me "this time" --because there's been so many times -- and they're finally on board. And whew, too. That's one of my biggest downfalls. Someone just needs to offer me a burger or a donut or ice cream and fuggedaboutit. I fall right off the wagon. Now they don't even try.)

This was a weird week for me. I am going to D.C. today to see my six-month-pregnant sister (I have procured waterproof mascara because I have not seen my sister with a belly yet - ever!). Anyway, that means I get four workout days this week, plus Sunday's Virtual 5K. Which is 5 total, not six like I try for. And I really had to improvise, squeezing it all in. Monday was a 1 mile run which was supposed to be much longer but something went wrong and well, it was only a mile. Tuesday was a great almost 3 mile run. Wednesday was a long workout; arms, chest, back, legs--usually I split this up into three separate workouts. Thursday I worked out with my dad's WII Fit and MAN was that fun! I did slalom, ski jumps, hula hooping, tight-rope-walking, jogging, it was AWESOME! Except for the part where they measured my BMI.

I got in 45 minutes of actual sweatyback workout, my thighs burned and I wanted to keep going! But the system (me) started breaking down so I had to call it quits.

OK here is what my scale said today (I had to weigh-in a little early because I have to get up at o-dark-hundred for a flight) ..

(drumroll please): a big old 0-point-five.

That's 1/2 a pound. Why? Guess. Yep.

My body picked this week to have my very first, 7 month post-partum, um, visitor. Yay. So I had a little water and PMS. Maybe that's why, maybe it's not. Sorry, I know it's a little TMI.

But since we're being honest here.

So, yes let's get to the good part: this is how the drawing will go this week. Everyone -- bloggers and non-bloggers alike -- anyone who is participating in the Summer of Me must leave a comment with how much weight they lost (and no worries, you don't have to publish for the world your actual weight, just the loss).

Then, I'll draw the winner at random and announce the winner on Sunday. Please make sure I have a way to get a hold of you, either through your blog or leave a comment with your e-mail address if it's nowhere on your blog or if you don't have a blog.

You are probably all wondering, how will she know I really lost x pounds?

You're right. I won't.

I'm counting here on the honor system. I really am. I really and truly believe that all of the women right there on my sidebar, all of you who are doing this with me are genuine, honest women who want to lose weight to better themselves, to become healthier moms, wives, sisters, aunts, and daughters.

I truly believe that no one is here to say they lost weight just to get a prize. I mean, sure, you can tell me you lost 3 pounds when you really lost 2. But please, please, do your very best not to. That's why we're here. In fact, if you gain because of some indescretion or vacation or whatever, that's what this sisterhood is here for! To get you back on the wagon! If you only lose .5, again -- we're here to motivate you! I know this is hard and tedious and there are days when you push yourself until you feel like you're going to die or keel over or throw up or eat your arm instead of that donut.

Just think though, when you are in the middle of it all, in the thick of it on the treadmill or in your living room sweating to Pilates or taking that step class: there are 30 other women in this challenge doing the same thing. Likely at the very same moment as you. Somewhere in the world.

So please. Be honest with us and yourself on this one. Above all, yourself.

That being said, I do know what the grand prize is, and I have to say. It's pretty cool. I will be announcing it in July and I believe it will be quite a surprise, from our wonderful sponsor of our wonderful prize, MarketLeverage. I'll just say this: work your butt off this month. (And of course, be honest!)

Finally (sorry for the long post -- they won't all be this long) today, leave a comment, sign the linky!

NOTE ON MR. LINKY: If you have a post on your weightloss, go ahead, use Mr. Linky too so we can all visit you! However -- you may notice you don't see the linky on the list when you go pull it up at No worries! All you have to do is this: while you're signing the linky here, click "subscribe" where it tells you to right here. And it will be there when you go to the Mr. Linky site. Confusing enough? Apparently they don't add new ones anymore -- you have to actually subscribe. E-mail me if you have any problem. I will come by and visit everyone as soon as I get off the plane in the early morning and throughout the day.

The prize for this week, remember is a cool tee-shirt from our wonderful sponsor, One More Mile. Along with a Sun-Ripened Raspberry Body Wash, Lotion, and Bubble Bath and Loofah.

Good luck!! Hope everyone did well! If not, there's next week!

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  1. 2 pounds down, 2 to go - wahoo! All by measuring what I eat for breakfast (no more FULL bowls of cereal) and skipping supper two nights.

    And I got more than 1/2 way through my Pilates DVD one night before baby interrupted. Making progress! And I was sore for 2 days afterwards.

  2. I'm not officially joining, but I still love that you are doing this, and I will say that while I had kind of a crazy week that involved a free day on Wednesday instead of just the one that will be on Friday, as well as some well deserved beer after work, I gained some but then landed exactly where I was one week ago.

    I'm doing my own little plan with calorie goals plus a specific targeted balance of fat/carbs/protein that I track online, and I've lost roughly 12 pounds since April with about 8 pounds to go.

    Yes, I could have lost more since then, but I'm making a point of making this truly a lifestyle change that includes some freedom, even if it gets me to my goal more slowly. I'm not in a hurry as long as I'm enjoying the healthier choices I'm making (and I really and truly am!). From there, I hope to just maintain.

    Sorry that was such a long comment, but I don't know that I'd ever told you what I was up to with the ticker running on my blog.

    Hope you have fun visiting your sister!

  3. Hi there! So I lost 0.4 pounds, almost 1/2 pound. I watched my portion sizes this week, drank lots of water, drank less soda, used my Wii Fit (I am the Queen of Hula Hoop at my house), walked at Costco and parked a little further from the entrance. I'm trying to do a lot of little things because I know they will add up.

    Congratulations on your 1/2 pound, even with your visitor. Have fun visiting your sister!

    ~ Gabriela at It's all about me (changed from Inner Workings of my Brain)

  4. 2.2 pounds! I can hardly believe it! I had to weigh myself twice just to make sure! It's the running - I'm really enjoying it. I think the exercise I was doing before was just maintaining me at the same weight and now I'm doing quite a bit of exercise on top of it. Yay. Now here's where I'd be tempted to indulge in something not great for me because hey I just lost two pounds..

  5. I'm down 1.2 pounds! I've been fluctuating all over the place lately so I hope I'm finally going to stay at this lower weight and beyond.

  6. What a cool idea this is! I ought to throw a few people your way -- they are looking for support as they try to lose weight.

    Me, I'm a gym rat. I hope you guys morph this way; it's a lot of fun to watch how your body handles things and adapts -- and, mostly, strengthens.

    I'm rooting for you guys.

  7. Lost 1 pound this week. I couldn't get very much exercising in because we've been so busy with doctors' appointments etc. Hopefully I can get more in next week.

    But no complaining here. I lost a pound!

  8. Hi, I only lost .8 of a pound but it has been a rough week so I'm ok with that. I didn't get to exercise regularly like I hoped I would but as long as I can get in 3 days of exercise a week I will be happy for a start. I'm sure next week will be much better.

  9. I'm down 3 pounds!!! This was my first week of really working out hard since the baby. I also did not drink any beer which I think made a huge difference.

    Sunday I ran 2.5 miles, Monday I walked 4 miles, Tuesday I walked 3 miles, Wednesday I ran 2.5 miles, Thursday I walked 4 miles!!!

    I also eat fresh fruit for breakfast every morning, skipped lunch, and had a sensible dinner!!!

    Hopefully I will be able to keep this up. Being a college athlete my body plateaus very easily. We will see what happens over the next week!!!

  10. I got down 2 lbs! Woohoo! I'm on WW and counting points, and I had a fairly active week. It also helps that I just finished my period, so this week all the water retention disappeared.

    Next week I'll need to get intentional about exercise, though, if I want to keep the pounds falling off.

  11. I lost 1.8...I've been fluctuating all week and was very pleased this morning to see almost 2 pounds!

    Have a great weekend!


  12. Great job everyone! I'm going to be the big loser this week....I GAINED 1 lb. (shamefaced) I've been eating alright this week, but not a lot of exercise (still finding my groove). DH and I went to the movies last night and I helped him devour a large popcorn & Mtn Dew. Crapola. Plus AF arrived this week.

    Next week, I'm hoping for a loss of 1-2 lbs.

    Keep is up ladies!!!

  13. I'm down 2 pounds this week. Back to where I was before I went to San Diego last week so that's all good! I alternated running and weights. It felt good. Taking today a little easy--maybe. Exercising feels so good when I do it. Plus I love it when my boys (2&4) grab their 1lb weights and "cise" with me!

  14. I'm down 1.5 toward this "mission" (for a total of 9 since May 13) and I don't "offiially" weigh in for my WW weight until Monday so I could potentially take some more off, I HOPE!

  15. I don't know how i did it, but i lost 2 pounds. Unbelievable.
    Okay, didn't eat much this week, but did no sports or anything like this.
    So congrats to myself... ;-)
    No matter how i did it, but the loss is what counts...

    Congrats to all you others...

    Big hugs, &hearts Sonny

  16. I'm down 1 pound - I think I need to start using the scale at the gym though - it is much more high tech than my bathroom scale. I'll get in to serious weighing THAT way for this next week. I'm really starting to like the crosstrainer though - so that's scary. At first I kept trying to give it away - people would walk in and I would say "oh do you want this machine? I can give it to you - really do you WANT this one??" Other people who exercise don't buy it so they always make me do my time. LOL

  17. Hun, i wanted to post the linky-thing but for that it's not public i couldn't. (Only if i upgrade my account...)

    Could you do anything?
    Hugs, Sonny

  18. I'm on such a good kick with this challenge I love it. I'm down 1-2 lbs, hard to tell on my lame non-digital scale.
    The exercising everyday is getting better each day, it started out just walking, now its Denise Austin's Blast Away 10 lbs while baby sleeps and the other kids try to join me. I really want to get to running, not there yet.
    The snacking on fruit only is going great, lots of frozen grapes and pineapple. And I'm controlling my portions much better. I was eating healthy foods before, just too much of them.
    I cleaned out my closet so it now holds only the clothes I fit into. I filled 2 of the huge ziploc bags with clothes I don't fit/don't wear. My closet is very skinny now. But not for long! As I get skinnier hopefully I will fill it up again.
    Hooray for the Summer of Me!!

  19. I'm down either 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 pounds, depending on the scale, so I will split the difference and say 2!

    I'm really happy to be taking part in the Summer of Me! Only 8 more pounds to go before July 25th, and *gulp* 13 more to go before the kids go back to school August 18th.

    Wish me luck!

    Cool Moms Rule!

  20. Down 1.5 lbs!! Took the baby for a walk 3 times this week. I've also started to loosely follow WW so when I go back it's not too much of shock!

    Good luck everyone!

  21. Since we just got back, I'm not participating this week. Looks like I may have (BLAH) gained a few pounds on vacation. I'll be joining you all next week for sure :)

  22. I'm checking in late to report that I had no loss or gain this week. Better luck next week (I HOPE!)

  23. i am still at change from last week. and dang it! i forgot to come here for the fat ticker...AGAIN! LOL *heading off to put the link in my blog reader*


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