It's ON!

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. OK, I wish I were that profound, or even that this contest was.

But it is a jumpstart, and for many, a continuation of the end goal: a fitter, healthier, and therefore happier, "me". And it starts today officially. Yes, it is true. Today I am like George Costanza, with my arms up in the middle of the city: I proclaim this the Summer of Me!

I was driving home from Atlanta last night where I went to my Godson's christening, and I was thinking as I was stopping for a Blizzard at Dairy Queen about how unmotivated I was feeling. If I'm being honest, here. And then, thanks to my new pink Palm Centro phone that has a keyboard on it because I'm a fake tech geek, I was reading comment after comment from you.

I was so inspired. Yes, I am going to work out this week, six times. I will weight train for three and run on the other three. I will eat well. Because I know that there are dozens of women like me doing the same thing, having to dig deep and do the work.

That is, after all, what this contest is for, right? Motivation. Inspiration. Risk-taking. Challenge. Failure. Success. Highs. Lows. But above all, Community. I hope to meet my goal of 10 pounds, or at least come close, by the end of this challenge. But even if I don't, I want to look back and say, yes, I pushed myself. I wanted to be lazy. But I wasn't. I wanted to eat crap food. But I didn't. I did the work. And it was work. And now look at me. I'm HOT. Just wanted to throw that hot part in there for good measure.

And then instead of weight loss, I can focus on weight maintenance. Wouldn't that be nice.

So thank you for doing this with me. I hope that we will be able to push each other to keep going when we want to give up like we have in all our previous attempts. Let's get 'er done, once and for all. Seriously.

That being said, here are the rules again:
-Leave me a comment telling me you're joining and what your goal is (if you haven't already).
-Post something about it on your blog and link here to the contest. Share the love!
-Grab a ticker like the one on my sidebar and start the count! (If you already have one with pounds lost previous to the contest, zero it out and start fresh).
-Then, weigh in, and stop back here every Friday for "Fat Ticker Friday" and comment with your results from the week. If you write a post on your blog on Fridays to discuss what went right or wrong for the week, we have our own "Fat Ticker Friday" linky at Mr. Linky's Magical Widgets ( -- where you get the linky for memes like Thursday Thirteen and Wordless Wednesday). Feel free to put it up on your site's post too -- so we can visit each other! Encouragement for the other participants is key to keeping up the motivation!
-You must comment here with your weight loss results for the week on "Fat Ticker Friday"to be eligible for the prize drawing each Friday.
-Grand prize (to be announced) for "biggest loser" (in a good way, of course).
-Anyone who meets their goal is still a winner -- One More Mile will give you a little somethin somethin (a sticker or magnet with one of their slogans --and they are great slogans!)

Without further ado, here is the prize for our first week:

A set of Raspberry Body Lotion, Body Wash, and Bubble Bath from Bath and Body Works, along with your choice of t-shirt from the online runningwear site, One More Mile. You choose the shirt, the size, and the logo. Aren't they nice? Head on over there and look at their cool stuff! (Their slogans rock!)
Good luck this week! As Chris Farley once said, "Stay strong, little root!"

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  1. I love that you are doing this! I may sort of unofficially participate in the reading along sense while I do my own little thing, but I will definitely be cheering you on!

    Oh, and there is a little bloggy blingy goodness for you over on my blog, too. :)

  2. If I was not going to Hawaii, I would so be joining, maybe I will anyway...
    I have to laugh at you for several reasons..
    one, a pink phone- love that, I would so have a pink phone if they made one in in the voyager style
    two, a tech geek..for some reason I have this rep with my friends here. I have a nano, garmin, and a voyager phone..I love love love the newest gadgets, and I would never think this about myself, however, I am a geek now that you have me thinking about it. I am a text fact, we should exchange numbers..ha ha.
    I will refrain from calling you a (*&(*(*& *(&())( on accident though.
    And three- you called yourself hot. You are hot! :)
    Can I participate and take a two week vacation?
    Let me know on that!

  3. I am so glad you are doing this. The timing is perfect because I am going home on 7/23 and I would love to be 15 pounds or so lighter.

  4. Ok, I'm trying to be motivated by posting this really awful photo of me a couple of weeks ago. It shows how much weight I have gained, but won't it be great to see how much I lose. That's what I'm thinking anyway. Good Luck everyone.

  5. I'm joining! Just got back from my morning run so I'm off to a great start.

  6. OK, we can do this!

    I tried to do my Pilates DVD yesterday as a practice run, and managed to get most of the way through the warmup before my little one decided she'd had enough of it. We'll try again, though . . .

  7. We can ALL do this! I'm excited yet again and a hopeful that I'll reach my goal eventually.

    Baby steps right!?

    Good luck to all!

  8. FYI, I can't find the 'Fat Ticker Friday' linky at blenza...though I did see Wordless Wed, Thurs Thirteen, etc. ???

  9. Crumb, I left a comment earlier and it got eaten up!
    Here are my goals:
    1. not look like a fat slob when we go visit my brother-in-law and his sexy wife (mother of 3) at July's end (leaving on 07/25, perfect timing) and
    2. lose 13 lbs for this challenge.
    Not sure if that's even possible, but I'm prepared to push hard and see what I can do!
    Oh, and 3. continue losing after the challenge for another 5-10 lbs. (Ideally, when all's said and done, I'd LOVE to be at 135 or even 130.)

  10. You've finally given me the motivation I need...I'm in!!!


  11. I'm going to do this with you. I've already started in fact. It's just that I finally weighed myself over the weekend, and I weighed 10 pounds more than I thought (and I was being generous!) So now my ultimate goal is around 30 pounds. I hope to lose at least 10 of that..

  12. im your lack of motivation. we can do this together. and by this i mean getting healthy. yes weight loss is great but healthy is my goal. when you're down kid, i'll pick you up! just call, and i'll be there. ok corny. seriously though. healthy is my goal bc i suffer from horrible migraines. the more i take care of myself they better they are. the stronger i am the more i can fight them off and take care of my little dude.
    goals: no chocolate for me.
    yoga 1X a week(i went last wednesday)
    cardio 2X a week
    strength training 1X a week.(i want to feel strong again and be able to do 20 real man push-ups. i hate my wings (triceps).
    baby steps right?
    oh and girl you are SO HOT!!!
    jenny from the block

  13. Your right... it's on!!! I also started my work on Monday. I am limited as to what I can do (c-section) which totally sucks but I am going to give it my best anyway!!! In a previous comment I said my goal is 30lbs... however I have come to the realization that 30lbs in a month is not realistic. I would love to loose 10lbs of the 30!!!

  14. I'm going to attempt this!

    I'd love to lose at least 25 lbs, but any loss is good!

  15. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am excited about this program as I NEED to stay focused on the every day duldrums of losing weight "healthy" and the "right way".

    GOOD FOR YOU for working out 6 days a week!!!!!!


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