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I might have bitten off more than I can chew. scuse the typos and the missing capitals but I am blogging in the car and I can't finnd the caps button. you see, I am all geeked out. I just got my brand new palm centro phone with a keyboard (i am an officially-obsessed blogger and have sunk to new lows checking my email in the line at the grocery store).

I am the anti-phone person and you can't break me away now. there is e-mail involved. it's a sickness I tell you and I say this whilst typing on my tiny keyboard in the car in the rain (husband driving) on the way home from atlanta.

of course my phone is pink. but I only somewhat know how to use it. so I just pretend to be a tech geek but really I am a fake because I can't even figure out how to make capital letters. I have also found it is not the optimal way to search the web and read blogs. it took me about 10 miles to read 2 blogs and leave comments. but it is making the trip go quickly. the kids haven't made a peep yet either, they're being good little travelers.

well now it is pouring hard, so wish us luck. we were in atlanta for our godson's christening. it was beautiful and we have watched curious george the movie countless times in the car and of course there was a choking incident I have to thank mr heimlich for getting us out of --you know, your typical weekend. anyway i wanted to wish everyone a happy summer of me eve! we have a lot of participants this time --i'm excited! man it's raining hard. more later!

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  1. put down the technology. step away from the gizzmos and nobody gets hurt! girl, you need another hobby!
    have a safe trip.
    jenny from the block

  2. Hi there. :D I do a fair amount of mobile photo blogging, so it's not so hard seeing as all I need to do is slap a subject on it. Been thinking about branching out to more text, less photos when mobile, but I'd have to get a different device - currently have a Motorola RIZR which does not have a qwerty keyboard, so it's slow going. Anyway, appreciated reading about your experience with the Centro - it's one of the devices I've been considering.

    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*


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