One More Mile

I mentioned that I love One More Mile, have I? They're one of the sponsors of this challenge and they've been so kind and generous by offering a tee-shirt each week and a sticker/magnet to everyone who reaches their goal at the end of the challenge.

I was very picky (well, as picky as I could be) about who I contacted to be prize sponsors. Mostly because I really wanted prizes that reflected what this challenge was about and who we are as a group.

This company I found by accident. But it was love at first sight and I was elated when they said yes. What I really loved about them was their philosophy. The company's founders are self-proclaimed "midpackers" (runners and walkers who find themselves in the middle of the pack). But they don't scoff at the back-of-the-packers (me) and frankly I find some of the running-wear companies out there just a little on the intimidating side. Not this one. They recognize the recreation runners and understand that we're not all marathon winners or racers and I like that.

They also happen make their shirts the kind of material that keep the sweat off of you, and they're comfy and cute at the same time. And I have the philosophy that if you're going to exercise, you just gotta look cute doing it. I am not ashamed to be the girl at the gym wearing lipgloss. No judging.
It also helps that I love their slogans. I just voted in their latest slogan contest (some of them are pretty funny). You can head on over there to vote for one of them too if you want. But definitely check them out no matter what. They've got a lot of cool stuff, from shirts to running skirts which are the new craze, and stickers and magnets.

So thank you, One More Mile! It's pretty rare for me to find products that I believe in, but when I do, I truly want everyone to know about them. Thanks for sponsoring us!

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  1. Those t-shirts are absolutely great!! I need to get me some! I am not taking part in any of your challenges this summer as too tired with work - perhaps next summer!

    I'm now off to get the credit card out!! ;-)

  2. LOVE those! I'm just getting in too much trouble lately with on line shopping. My cards are smokin'!

  3. I love those shirts! I'll have to check them out for sure. I'd love to have a reason to laugh while I'm on the treadmill, and have it not because I tooted or slipped off.


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