Sweet Potatoes

It's that time of year again. The time of year whence I pay tribute to the wonderful, very magical Magic Bullet blender. I have the old Windows 2 point 0 version of the Bullet and my ear pricked up when I heard something about a newer version called the Platinum Pro Bullet, but alas, until this one dies, I am stuck with it. And I think that will be a while.

But you must know how much mileage I have gotten out of it.

I made all of Poops' babyfood in it until I ran out of vegetables and fruits to blend up because he tried all the ones I can do myself. (Some fruits you have to stew and I'm not completely anti-jar, especially when it comes to having to stew fruit.)

I have made mango and tomato salsas, tomato sauces out the wazoo, many a fruity blended drink, hummus, grated parmesan cheese, omelet mixes, dressings, you name it, I've blended/pureed/chopped/diced/what-have-you in it. And it's still going. It no longer looks as attractive as it did when I first pulled it out of the box. But really, who does? So onward it goes, to the next Poops' first meal: the pureed sweet potato. Yes, he was ready for it. Licking his lips, even.
He's definitely related to me because he kept shoving the spoon in his mouth and wanting more when it was all done. I had to scrape the bowl clean. If you've ever blended anything in your life, I highly recommend the bullet for future blendings. There are few times I could think of in my life where I would actually want a blender for Christmas, but Santa, consider yourself asked.


  1. I am over here cracking up because Tom and I have dropped what we are doing to watch the Magic Bullet infomercial more times than I can count. We know half the dialog, and we have no idea why we are mesmerized by it. He keeps asking for one, but I keep saying the last thing we need is another blender and all those like pieces and parts and extras and what not. Now that I know someone (aside from the odd assortment of not so believable characters in the infomercial), someone real who has one and loves it, his chances just improved drastically, especially if you ask Santa to send him one, too :)

  2. Awww, I just love that second photograph, he looks really really keen to try what's on that spoon!!

    You just wait until he starts wanting to feed himself using the spoon - you'll have food ALL over the place!

  3. Just too cute! That bib is adorable too. So glad he liked his food and thanks for the tip on the bullet blender :)


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