This week's prizes & Question of the day (I'm posting a lot today so be sure to scroll scroll scroll!)

Do you like what my blog is wearing? Does it make my blog look phat? (Haha.)

I always think it's funny when I use the word phat since a I'm thirty-something mom and feel like I'm one of those old people using young phrases. It's probably out of date too, but whatever.

Anyway, here's what I'm getting at. If you like my blog design, you're in luck. Because the cute little lady at Doodlebug Designs who did my blog is offering up this week's prize: A Customized Blog Design.

And if you don't have a blog, maybe this is your shot to start blogging about your weightloss! But blogger beware: it's addicting.

Judi was the nicest person in the world to work with and I was a pain in the butt and she was still nice to me. But she worked tirelessly on my blog and played with it and worked on it and was all about making it so that I loved it. And I do, I love it. It reflects me perfectly. Pink and flowers and tea. I've already raved about her but I don't mind doing it again. And again. Because you know how I love giving away my favorite things.

So that's this week's prize, along with a tee-shirt of your choice from One More Mile. So good luck this week!

And this week, I'm changing things up a bit. By commenting Friday during the weigh-in, you of course, like last week, get one entry into the prize drawing. (And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment on Friday before 8pm ET to enter the prize drawing! I want everyone to be able to be eligible!)

But this week you can get a second entry too! All you have to do is write a post on Friday about your most embarrassing moment while working out and link to me (be sure to sign the linky so we can all come by and read it too!) I personally have quite a few of these, but most recently I have had a couple that well, I figure I may as well share, even though it is for sure TMI but oh well. We all have our moments and I might as well share them with you. Non-bloggers can e-mail me their stories and I will post them for you to read right here.


My 10K training commences today. I am doing Hal Higdon's 10K Novice training plan. It's perfect timing because the strength/5K training plan I was on is starting to get flat and I am hitting another plateau. So this should kick it up a notch, adding a cross-training day and longer runs to the schedule. Plus I was getting bored and I needed another goal. I am funny that way. I absolutely CAN NOT focus on weightloss. Because if I do I just get bogged down and discouraged. I have to focus on something like a race to train for, even though I am not a runner or a racer or anything like that. But when I set a date for a race or an athletic event, I will train for it and it is always in my head and I think, I can be the fat chick running the race or the fit chick running the race and I try to be the fit one. And it all makes me want to eat better, and with the training and eating better, the weight just kind of comes off as a side effect. Such head games! I am a head case!

So that's my question for you. What is your biggest and best philosophy-slash-tip-slash-mind game that works for you? Please, do share! We could all use the insight!

Good luck this week!


  1. you will NOT be the fat chick running the race..ha ha ha! :)
    Of COURSE I'm blogging from Hawaii, what else is there to do when you are up at the crack of dawn! :)

  2. I don't really have philosophy-slash-tip-slash mind game when it comes to accomplishing a goal. I just decide that I am going to DO IT!!! There is always of course... the jeans that I was able to fit in two years ago ( I was hot then by the way).... that's motivation in itself!


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