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Today's Bloggy Lovefest comes to you from my love/slash/hate relationship of running. I say love hate because I don't really like to run. Sometimes I do. But other times, I want to die while I am running. It is not always fun for me. Plus, my body is not really built for it -- I have no meniscus or ACL in my left knee, I have had two knee surgeries and well, I am not the long and lean type either (to say the least. The word stumpy comes to mind when I think about how to describe my legs.) BUT it works for me when I am losing weight. Of all the things I do, running works and I don't know why. So I don't fight it. I just build me a playlist and I go with it.


A few weeks ago when I was bouncing around from blog to blog one morning, I ran across a bunch of blogs who were also doing the Couch to 5K running program. Oh how I wish I had known this when I started, I would have been able to bit&% and moan throughout the process when the going got tough! (Which was like every run when I got to the nitty gritty end).

Nonetheless, I stumbled across this cute little blog called Little by Little. She goes by "Wee Little Me" and low and behold, she was doing the Couch to 5K and also running a 5K (at the end of June) but this one is her own -- what a good idea: a Virtual 5K! This is where runners around the globe who are also doing the program can map out a 5K distance near them and run it as their goal! So runners the world over like me (and I use the word runner loosely for me at least) will all run this 5K on our own in two weekends and post our results! How much fun is that?

But moreover, I like her because when she's not seeing movement on the scale (me) she finds happiness in the small victories. Kind of like I do. Like fitting her wedding ring (for me it was fitting those pants I tried on every day for months). Or not recognizing herself in the store window. Anyway, head over there and leave her a comment because she loves the comment love like I do. And she's doing a great job! Hopefully she'll join us for the Summer of Me! Only it's the "Winter of Me!" for her because she's wayyyy down under!

Oh yes, and one more note: through her, I found a great site for runners called "Runner's Lounge" where you can log your runs and chat with other runners. I love it! It's worth checking out if you're any kind of runner whatsoever.

Don't forget to sign up for the Summer of Me Weight Challenge that starts MONDAY! Already! Anyone who wants to sponsor the contest with a prize for our Friday's weigh-in drawings, please e-mail me at christieo_7 at msn dot com or leave me a comment.


  1. If I ever find shoes that don't cost as much as a mortgage payment that will allow me to run, I would *so* love to try the Couch to 5k thing. I'll still have to check out her blog - sounds cool!

  2. Oh Christie you are too sweet. Hug. Thank you so so much for the shout out and the comments you left on the blog I can totally relate to the pants thing and I have a few pairs like that I'm "working on" now. Someday... someday...

    Also you are too too kind re: the winter of me think. Thank you so much! I really needed something of this length to hold on to for a little bit, nothing too long term (feels impossible sometimes) but something to just give me a boost to build a new habit or two and push for some fat loss. I think the Winter of Me will be just the thing to help me break on through to the other side of 170 and I'm super excited about that. I'll try having a go with those tickers later in the week.

    PS your blog always makes me want to add more Pearl Jam to my running mix... plus I love the song that comes after it... what IS it... sounds like a Grey's Anatomy type song (not sure if you are fan of that show but to me their soundtrack tracks are bordering on a genre these days).
    Later alligator... :) have a great day.

  3. Hi Christie. Thanks for the shout out about Runners' Lounge. Amy and I work hard to make it a welcoming and helpful site.

    I wish you the best with your weight management. I run regularly but still have to fight the pounds. I find when I settle into a very consistent running routine, then I eat more reasonably.

    I don't have much going the weekend of the virtual 5k, so I think I'll jump in.

    Keep up your good blogging and running.



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