WooHoo! It's the End. The Big Finale. The Finish Line.

So it's all come down to this. June 6th. The end of the line. 8 weeks or so of calorie counting, exercise, motivation, slumps, nearly throwing up (oh. that was just me?), banging head against the wall, more motivation, ups, and downs.

The Final Fat Ticker Friday!!!

WELL?????? How did you do? Did you do $50 gift card to a spa-good????? Go ahead! LEAVE ME A COMMENT! Post your final results!!

My weightloss this week: one pound.

As promised, here is my fat picture from hell. The one that started all of this. The picture of "the fat chick holding the baby" and I thought hmm. hate to be her! Then I took a second look and yep! You guessed it! It was me!

And then I thought, kill me now.

And then I cried. Yes, I cried.

So a promise is a promise. And believe you me, it is taking a lot out of me to put this picture out there on the internet (especially because one day when I am rich and famous, you'll see it on the front of the Enquirer while you're in the checkout line at the grocery store. Look paparazzi! I am literally just giving it to the public right now!)

OK. Here goes. (holding breath).
Whew. There. I did it.

Well, you can imagine my chagrin. Then I got off my ass. Oh, there is nothing like an epiphany like this one to get you motivated. So now, I look like this.

It's not the best picture in the world but it's the only one I have for now (I put the camera timer on and ran in front of it.) Oh yes, and I cut my hair! I forgot to mention that months ago. I am growing it back out though, I miss it. It grows quick. Anyhoo.

In sum, I am a grand total of 17 pounds lighter (5 from before the slimdown) I can run 2 1/2 miles straight -- hopefully a full three on Saturday -- (albeit, slow). I dropped one pants size. I am not to my goal weight (at all) yet. But I'd say this has been a pretty darned productive two months and I'm really proud of it. In fact, Saturday's race isn't about weightloss to me. It's about finding the athlete in me again and being who I want to be and who I know I can be. I'm getting there. After more than two years (and two babies) there is finally some resemblance to me again. I cannot tell you how much today means to me. I have worked really hard. I mean REALLY. HARD.

Thank you one million billion for being a part of this slimdown. I couldn't have done it without everyone's support and encouragement. I almost fell off the horse a couple a times but you didn't let me.

And now that the end is actually in sight, I'll keep going, well past this slimdown. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I can't say it enough, really. And if you want to continue slimming down this summer, I will still be weighing in on Fridays if you want to join me.

Tonight I'm gonna have my ceremonial pre-race pasta dinner with my family and then Saturday the race is bright and early at 8am. Wish me luck! I hope to come in under an hour. Haha.

So leave me a comment with your final results! Don't be shy! Get in on this prize! Thanks again!!!! And congratulations to you! If you lost one pound or a million pounds, it's progress!!!


  1. You look GREAT! Congratulations and I think you were very brave to post the 'before' photo! Good luck with the run on Saturday, I'm sure you'll do great!

    As for me, I think I've gained weight. I feel fatter. I've cut out crap from my diet, but I just haven't gotten off my ass to do some exercise. I think I tried to do too much too soon to Joshua's birth. Every day I thought, 'I'll go on the running machine today' I'd fall asleep as soon as Elliot went down for his nap. But I'm not giving up. I'm not happy at all with the weight that I am now, so I'll keep trying and I know I won't always be this tired.

  2. You are looking good! And like you said, while weight is one aspect, being your best self you can be (cue some cheesy after school special commercial music, but it's true!). Since March I've been losing weight, too, since I gained when quitting smoking. Still, to me the the walking and way better/fresher eating is all sort of an extension of what I did by quitting smoking. Best of luck with your run!

  3. Yeah you girlie! You DO look good! Very impressed with you and your all your progress! I will be running with you in my mind :) There is nothing like it, it is totally addicting and I miss it when I've not been doing it!
    Keep it up and will you will be down another 15 in no time!
    Cheers to you!lgh

  4. You look fantastic! And that you feel better is the bigger bonus. I know that I feel better!! Your "big girl" picture looks exactly like mine after I had my first son (actually if I'm being honest here, I looked much bigger). It's a huge motivator isn't it? Maybe I'll post my big girl picture later if I get a chance. Pregnancy is not good to me. Some people get cute, I get "blimpy". Thanks for hosting this and getting my butt in gear. Good luck on your 5K. Maybe that will be my next goal....

  5. You look great!! Good luck on your 5K! You can do it!!!

  6. WOW! You look awesome!! Seeing your before and after pictures are motivation for me to keep on going. I lost one lonely pound this week (5 pounds total). I was hoping to go out in a big bang for the final fat ticker friday...oh well. I will keep going with you because I still have quite a few pounds to lose before I get back to the real me.


  7. you really look great. I wish I would have lost so many pounds. But I didn't. My weaker self got ahead and won the fight. I'm so depressed....

    Hugs, Sonny

  8. Wow lady you really look good! I can tell you put a lot of hard work and determination into losing weight and it shows.

    I just wish I could say the same! My weight loss ended with weight gain so I have no good news to share....but that's okay. I'm moving on and starting over!

  9. Wow,you look fantastic! And happier, too. What a difference.

    Congratulations on your weight loss!


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