An Amazing Race. Summer of Me.

Wow, going back over everyone's progress, it is just amazing to see what has happened. Do you want to know how much everyone who participated in the Summer of Me lost? Combined?

83.3 pounds!


Seriously. In just over four weeks, we lost more than 80 pounds. That's like, a couple of kindergartners or 1st graders. I can't believe how awesome that is! And that's not even counting pounds lost during the Spring Into Summer challenge before this one!! Everyone should be so proud, no matter what their loss was during the challenge.

How motivating is that! It's like we all have one giant collective fat ticker and it's going wayyyyyy toward that big collective goal we have! I almost don't want to ever eat that taco or drink that coke for fear that I'd mess up our collective ticker!! You know what?

So here's the rest of the good news:

The official winners of the Summer of Me:

1st Place: Dena at SunEGrl Loves To Shop with her amazing 16 pound loss. Wow. Is all I can say. That's amazing progress. She not only met that goal of 15 pounds, she exceeded it! Keep it up girl! You rock! Congratulations!! I want to do a dance for you! You get a Wii-eee, a cooo-ool Wii-eee, and you are gooo-nnnna, a-ree-ee-ly like it. (To the tune of that Eddie Murphy song, "You got no ice-cream!"

Runner up: The Mommy @ With a Little Luck who's down an amazing 11 pounds! Man, that's awesome!! Congrats to you on your loss!! Enjoy that gift card!!

Oh and lots and lots of winners: here we go! I'll be sending you e-mails shortly with the prize choices!!! :)

1-ET @ Titus 2:3-5
2.Wee Little Me
3-Patty @ Our Life as an Air Force Family

Congrats to you all!

Please e-mail me @ christieo_7 at msn dot com to let me know if you've met your goal and I'll send you the e-mail address to retrieve your magnet or sticker from One More Mile!

Group hug!!!

Stay tuned for a "Hot for the Holidays"...

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  1. I'm so happy that I won, but everyone else did great as well. At least we all got off of our behinds and moved a little. That's the main thing. I knew on Tuesday that the total number was getting really good because a couple of my staff members told me they could see a difference in the dress that I was wearing.

  2. congrats to everyone who won...and even those who didn't. we're all winners in the weight loss game and that's what matters. i just wish i had been a little more motivated. i started slacking LOL

  3. Congratulations to everyone! I too am happy with the weight I have lost during this challenge... it isn't about winning or losing for me it's about meeting people like all of you and getting my BODY BACK!!! Great Job!!! Thanks Christie for all of your hard work!!!

  4. WOWEEEE 83 plus pounds is amazing!! Since starting this challenge people have finally started to notice my weight loss and at least 5 people told me last night that I looked fantastic! I was super proud. I've just set some goals for myself for August to keep up the trend that got rolling over here!! Thanks so much Christie!

  5. Wow, that's just awesome! Congrats to all the winners and anyone who has gotten closer to wherever it is she's aiming to be. You are awesome, Christie, to host this thing and to come up with such great prizes, too.

    (I've been yelling that in my head all this crazy potty-training-mastitis-fighting week)

    I've been out of town but just wanted to report my total challenge loss of 7 lbs!!!
    I've never really set a weight loss goal for myself so I had no idea what to expect, and I am happily surprised even tho I didn't make my 10 lb goal. I learned a lot about myself (emotional eater--can't have ANY junk in the house or I will crack).
    I can't wait for "hot for the holidays"!

  7. Over 83 pounds? That's awesome! Everyone did such a great job. Congrats to all the winners :) And thanks Christie for hosting and helping us all get healthy.

  8. I found this blog through Maggie's Mind and I missed out on the whole "move" thing but its never too late to start...prizes or no prizes! How did you get all the stuff BTW? After going back and reading through these blogs, it sounds like a whole lotta motivation was happening and that is the really important thing! Anyway, reading the blog logs made me wanna get off my butt and move! I will be logging in from now on!

  9. I missed the weigh in but that's okay, I was struggling and having a hard time with motivation to succeed.

    I had a gret time participating and am really glad to have met so many wonderful people! You ALL are inspiring. Thanks so much for the challenge, and I can't wait for the next one.


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